Man hacks in the north - waves good today!


No, I am not selling Prime drinks on the black market like the kids – it’s a PRIME day – primo – cracker – epic!@# Why? It’s perfectly west offshore and a bit chilly, but the conditions are clean, and the skies have cleared. The ENE swell is peaking, and I saw waves in the […]

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Thank you Tonga for the morning colours!

Winter solstice

Today is the winter solstice, also called the hibernal solstice, which occurs when either of Earth’s poles reaches its maximum tilt away from the Sun. This happens twice yearly, once in each hemisphere. So what? Basically, today is the shortest day of the year (9hrs 53min) and from here on the days get longer as […]

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Sizeable chunks off Deadmans, Manly on Saturday


Well, it’s been a rather exciting couple of days. I am not sure where to begin. We’ve gone from dull rainy days to non-stop action in the ocean. It all began late Friday when a gale force wind hit Sydney. It rattled my house all night, and on Saturday, we woke to an enormous, unprecedented, […]

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North Bondi had all the good waves on the weekend


On Saturday, we had a brief pause from the rain – what a treat! I hope you finally got outside without the gumboots. The waves also cleaned up on the weekend, and most of Sydney was on the cook.  Today – well, today…it’s back to 15 knots of southeasterly onshore and a large storm saturating Sydney. […]

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One of the many rainbows at Bondi today - 7am

Rainbow Arrays

How amazing were the rainbows down the beach this morning? Every five minutes, a new one sprouted, and I could locate the end of it – North Bondi holds the pot of gold! Several rain squalls danced across the beach – it’s going to be drier than yesterday (20mm of rainfall). Now we’re watching the […]

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A great week to photograph, today's pinks still going from Tonga's Volcanic Dust

25 IN – 25 OUT

The Tongan volcanic dust seems to be still illuminating our skies into shades of pink before the sun rises. It’s got such a nice glow to it at the moment. Wasn’t it meant to be raining? Things change – for the good as today’s another cracker to complete a week of crackers. In the water […]

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North Bondi Boat Ramp, a hive of dogs, bakers and boats


In stark contrast to yesterday, Sydney is now soaked with rain. Since sunrise, we’ve been lashed with constant showers and now 22 knots of SSE onshore winds. The beach is deserted, and everybody is back to school/work. The Beach party is over! Oh boy, it’s been busy on our beaches lately – here are some pics […]

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The nose riding Frenchman


It was a damn fine morning down the beach: calm, little or no wind. Water was an incredible 21.7°C – just right for a boardies and bikinis surf. Sun’s out – not a cloud in sight. Crowds were off the hook. The beach was pumping with fitness gurus, meditators, yoga bendies, squads, surfers, swimmers, early […]

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Junior loves the rain, can test out the new boots


I’ve got no clue what’s going on with the weather these days? It changes every minute: sunny, rain, thunderstorms, windy…all in the same hour. This isn’t Melbourne, and this isn’t summer! haha. A wet start to the day, but now I see people on the beach sun-tanning. There’s a howling 26 knot southerly and tiny […]

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Last night's super moon over Ben Buckler


How’d you go with the super moon, get the shot? Loads of people down at Bondi for it. Heaps. Today: The waves are slowing, but the sunshine is baking. What a beautiful morning down at Bondi. Warm conditions with small waist to chest high waves. Perfect for beginners, groms and frothers with not much work […]

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This morning's colour flash.


You probably missed today’s decent sunrise colours – it was quick, blink and you’d miss it. The storm/rain clouds dominated the morning, and now we’ve got pouring rain for a while. Settle in, get some work done, be production – rack up the brownie points. Today’s pictorial adventure depicts one sunrise shot from today; the rest […]

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Big crowds, big swells and big offshore winds

Viva La Bondi

The 24 hours that preluded this mornings windy southerly was epic. It was paradise; the waves were great – winds gentle, and the sun was in great abundance. Yesterday and part of this morning were mega beach days… At about 9 am this morning, a 20-knot southerly hit, ruining all the fun, but it’s not […]

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Dingy, North Bondi

True North

There are waves around head high, from the North – which is pretty much useless to us around here as we have no sand at beaches facing that way, and the high tide (7 am) was porking up anything worth slaying. South facing Bondi was tiny, muggy but good for a morning Friday swim. Forecast […]

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