Sleds ready for riding

Black Friday

It’s black Friday. I bet you’re hoping we’re offering storewide discounts of 95% off, free shipping and a set of steak knives. Nah, sorry, not today. We’re predominantly a made-to-order business so we’ll leave those dramatic sale emails to the other retailers. My inbox is full of them! It was dark down the beach though. […]

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The old boat ramp, a treasured spot at sunset


I’m backing the Red Cardinal in today’s Melbourne Cup. Only because Bondi Beach (who came 2nd last year) isn’t running. Who are you supporting? It’s going to be hot and muggy (31) for your Cup luncheon today. No, you’re not missing any action down the beach, it’s very overcast, sticky and 1-2 foot on the […]

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No booze, North Bondi


I was rustling around in the dark thinking the skies could light up into hot pinks at any moment this morning. Cloud formations were showing promise. I waited. I waited. Fiddled with my phone. Chatted to some morning swimmers. I waited. It never came! This morning was coated in darkness until 9 am. A tough morning […]

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Light penetrating the shorey dump


We’re lucky to live in Sydney. Don’t take my word for it, watch Will Smith’s latest Vlog on Youtube, recently shot in Sydney (watch it around 4:30 when Aquabumps Gallery features with The Fresh Prince). That talked-up south swell did dribble in last night but by morning was all gone. One hit wonder. This morning one bank […]

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Stampede, North Bondi

Swimmers Haven

Another morning of fantastic conditions down the beach – for a swim that is. Surfers you will need to look at NE exposed breaks like Maroubra, Tama (on the low tide) or Manly. Bondi continues to neglect the tiny bumps coming from the North. Enjoy today, as an aggressive 30 knot south change is arriving later […]

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Brighton Boulevard Retro


Yep, right on schedule…that smotherly hit yesterday arvo cooling things back down after peaking at 38 degrees. Hot wasn’t it? All stormy and grey down the beach this morning. Onshore with 0.5 footers. Today is not surfable but definitely swimmable – the North End had a little protection from the onshore wind. The next good […]

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Oh boy, what a difference 24 hours makes


Sydney weather is like a wild ride on a rollercoaster. Belting hot moments flanked by smothering southerly cool changes. Repeat. Hot/Cold. Calm/Windy. Repeat. Last night was stinking hot – it felt like Singapore. One helluva thunderstorm at dinner time. This morning, howling southerly onshores, 1-2 foot NE swells, empty beaches. You’ve heard me spruiking our […]

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Blown out type of morning! Bondi

Summer Blast

Last night’s howling Northerlies have kicked up some wind swell. It’s not pumping, but surfable. Bondi doesn’t favour this swell direction and tends to break more in the middle than the magnetic south end. I imagine exposed beaches today would have some joy like Manly, Maroubra, Tama, Whaley etc. If you like my images you […]

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Marooned on a remote island called Ben Buckler


Hello. Hola. Bom Dia. Ciao. I hope you’re loving this exquisite weather. Delightful ain’t it? Bondi stepped up a gear this morning…it was crazy packed at sunrise. We have visitors from all over the globe ducking down the beach to get a glimpse of our famous sunrises. Ok, some were still out from the night […]

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S.U.P. domination in 1 footers


One of the best things about my ‘job’ is that I meet around 4-5 new people every day down the beach. As you all know, Bondi is one helluva popular beach and there is a constant flow of people, all year-around. We get all types from all walks of life. Yesterday I was talking to 1-year-old […]

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Harrison setting up the beach for the day, Bondi Beach

Golden Haze

Nice and steamy morning bringing down the crowds, early. At 6 am Bondi Beach had all manner of activities going down. It’s manic! Tiny waves dribbling on a seaweed bank. Nothing worth paddling for. Volatile weather, hot, raining, clear, thunderstorms…the full shabam. No, you’re not too late! We have time for you to place a […]

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Best start to the day, submerge!

Boom Boom

Oh boy, I love this weather. It’s just perfect. The sun is out and we’re looking at 27 degrees. Get excited. The waves are less exciting. It’s not happening. I haven’t surfed a decent wave in a while now. I don’t think you will find waves until Monday evening when we’re blessed with an NE […]

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North Bondi, session finished

Summer Lake

The waves are tiny, Bondi is doing it’s best impersonation of a lake. Is it surfable, kinda…on a mal. Swimmable – very. It’s a mighty fine day – but it will change later.  Around 4 pm the clouds will increase and Thursday and Friday are rainy days. This new storm should shake up some NE […]

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