Bronte hollows, this morning around 7:30am

Duke of Bronte

I once lived on Bronte Beach in my early twenties. Loved it. Back then, it wasn’t as fancy as it is today. I lived very close to the water’s edge (I could through stones in it from my sunroom). When the swell was big it would keep me awake at night. It’s a tight bay […]

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Pete Kavanagh, backing one out


At a glance, it had all the potential to be a good day for surfers. Sun was out, offshores are on, and there’s a heap of south swell. Typically this would mean putting the out-of-office on, and getting wet…but…it’s just not happening. I saw very few quality waves ridden. Maybe it’s tidal, maybe it’s the […]

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Feathering, Bronte


A fresh start to this Wednesday morning. That offshore SW wind bites through any clothing…brr. I love living in a city where people swim all year round, no matter how cold. The swell is up; big spike in the south swell (4-6 foot). I didn’t see many waves ridden, though. Just didn’t seem to be […]

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North Bondi Retro


It was pretty dark and ugly at sunrise; a rainy front dowsed Sydney again. Good morning for a sleep-in…tools down. Since arriving at HQ, the sun has come out, the winds are offshore (W), and it’s turned into a nice day – what the hell? There are head-high waves from an east swell, better suited […]

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Bondi 7am, 10 degrees, morning squad

Default Bondi

These days, Bondi is defaulting back to the Bondi I know best. Maybe it is the excellent weekend weather bringing the vast crowds, maybe it’s all the quirky sights & characters or continuous sequence of events on the beach…but we’re getting back to where we were – pre-Covid. The rain has stopped, and it’s a […]

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It's bigger than you think - Uluru


Lately, I’ve been travelling and seeing some fantastic places in Australia. We’ve all got the itchy feet – after being restricted for so damn long. Where ever I go, it’s busy…good to see. Home at Bondi has been quiet and tricky to shoot with the constant storms, rain and onshores. This morning the beach was […]

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South Bondi pots of gold

Double Rainbow

Pretty typical Bondi morning – no one around, rain, 4 footers. Didn’t see many decent rides, a lot of closeouts. Rain intermittently played with us in between sunshine bursts – a fancy rainbow popped up (8am). Not sure what’s going on there – so unpredictable. Take a brolly, regardless. You’ll use it. School is back […]

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Karels T-Bar under a Tongan glow. Thredbo last Friday


The swell is up, the wind is howling onshore, and it’s raining again. Not the most photogenic of days – chilly too – ain’t it? On the weekend, we strayed from the coast and ventured into the Snowy Mountains of New South Wales. The frothing little monsters loved it! It’s been years since I’ve been […]

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From big snow slopes to little aqua slopes, Bondi this morning 7am


Big slopes to little slopes. Low tide killing it this morning. It’s tiny and sunny, very different to what you’ll see for the rest of the week. Unfortunately, the rain will dominate from tonight as a larger swell pummells town. Wind will howl (offshore) with that stiff mountain air…FRESH! How’s yesterday though – kinda warm, […]

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Wal and his frontside whip


After a chilly, sunny morning the skies have darkened and here’s the rain we all know too well. I saw decent waves, leftovers from the last swell, at sunrise. It was a bit funky, as the beach has had a lot of sand movements in recent weeks. There’s literally no sand left in the southern […]

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The Wheel is up, you know it's Bondi's winter

Winter Bondi

You know it’s winter in Bondi when the ferris wheel, ice skating rink and wetsuit bonnets are out. Chilly morning with rideable surf. The banks have been renovated and South Bondi has something miles out the back. In the middle, I saw random peaks. It’s over head high, and offshore. The next three days we […]

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South Bondi - where I've spent a lot of time


After a long week of storms, I think today its slowing down. You might even see blue sky later today – let’s hope it dries out our flood-affected areas. Tomorrow looks sunny! I can’t remember a week, in my 23 years of service, where I didn’t pick up a camera due to extremely bad weather. […]

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Cave diving in The Med - good! Italy


It’s school holidays and it feels like everyone has bailed and gone northern hemi for a real summer – a summer we didn’t get in NSW because of La Nina. Where would you go? Our fave has always been coastal Italy – the food, the culture, the beach clubs and crystal clear med. Spain would […]

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Mini waves in the harbour today

A Series of Lows

This storm is wild, it just won’t blow away. Areas of Sydney are flooding, our main Dam is overflowing and there’s a tiny wave breaking bang in the middle of Sydney harbour. The rain is relentless. I’m back in Sydney and enjoying the indoors, downloading thousands of shots from my recent jaunt to the Northern […]

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They use helis like cars in the territory. Park at a creek for a swim. Near Wangi Falls

Wild Territorians

The N-Tee is a wild place, literally. It is alive with so many animals and loose characters – we love it. As you go further north towards Darwin, it gets warmer and wilder… 100,000 crocidiles live in the NT. I reckon we saw most of them; they’re around every corner and a significant tourist attraction […]

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