Wild Territorians

The N-Tee is a wild place, literally. It is alive with so many animals and loose characters – we love it. As you go further north towards Darwin, it gets warmer and wilder…

100,000 crocidiles live in the NT. I reckon we saw most of them; they’re around every corner and a significant tourist attraction to the area. Hell, I was even thrown in a transparent cage and swam with them at Crocosaurus Cove. (kinda freaky)

Kakadu and Arnhem land was spectacular; we saw ancient cave paintings (I couldn’t shoot pics out of respect), endless stone country and stunning landscapes. Distances are vast in the territory, so the helicopter companies are busy ferrying people everywhere. They use helis-like cars.

Chris Barns runs the Kangaroo Sanctuary that rescues joeys from killed Mumma roos, found on the side of the road. He’s a passionate human with a big heart. Was so interesting…

Sydney is being belted by a proper East Coast low today. Rain, gales, rain, flooding – stay safe. For some areas, this is the 4th flooding this year.

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Kakadu - Not every waterway is swimmable


The Kangaroo Sanctuary


Chris "Kangaroo Dundee" Brolga Barns. He rescues joeys from road kill (The Roo Sanctuary)

Camel Back to the big rock


Crocosaurs Cove, Darwin. I swam with them!

Kakadu - just wow.


The Adelaide river and her bends, Northern Territory


Big Wedgey, Yellow Water(Ngurrungurrudjba), Kakadu


Dragon fly, I think.


Wangi Falls, Litchfield National Park


Kata Tjuṯa in the distance, NT


Now that's a family portrait with our long lost (Hungry) cousin in the background.

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