Yesterday - mental huge crowd, been a while


It’s been a while since I’ve seen a weekend like that around here – hot and busy. The combination of Sculpture by the Sea and 27 degrees resulted in an enormous beach turnout. There were traffic jams on my quiet little street for most of the weekend…parking was as rare as a sunny Saturday. Waves […]

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Darren Mansfield snagging a hollow one earlier

Busy Beaches

Bondi is one heck of a busy beach, particularly at sunrise. Covid lockdowns, working from home, and years of constant rain or bushfires all contribute to amassing sunrise crew nowadays…it’s a good vibe, especially when the sunshine is flooding in – smiles everywhere, everybody says g’day. Bondi is ranked the 5th busiest beach in the […]

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Joel Adler's - Lens on Marks Park Point


Sculpture by the Sea has returned to the Bondi! Marking the start of the warmer periods – artworks now sprawl the Bondi to Tamarama walking path. It’s hugely popular, and good to see it back on after our weird times. Surfing? Yes, doable. The fruitful east swell is running out of gas but still putting out […]

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North Bondi has had a few waves with the east swell

Sublime Brine

Everybody was up early today; it was predicted for days to be a cracker. Everyone wanted a piece of it—clear skies, warmth and waves – too irresistible to sleep in. I hope you were down there! How good is an East swell? It finds its way into all of Sydney’s nooks and crannies. Everyone’s local […]

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Icebergs copping it - swell is from the east


You’ll not believe it, but the sun came out this morning. Around sunrise, it was punching through the clouds illuminating the beach – just how I like it! Let’s party. Good timing, as the waves have come up and there’s 3-4 footers breaking at Bondi. Earlier it was a little morning sick, junkie, lumpy…then the […]

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Who's got the sunscreen? Italian joy peak season

Let’s dream…

In Sydney, the heavy rain is back – and it set in for the day, get comfortable. I am sure we all wanna look at something more inspiring than Bondi getting dowsed. How about a day on the Amalfi Coast back in the middle of August when it’s days and days of 30 degrees and […]

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Little fun bumps in the south, Bondi


Clouds are back and smothering the light; what a dark morning! Clean little dribbly waves at Bondi, nothing much over chest high. Decent day for groms and learners. Gentle 5 knots of wind, dropping tide, 18-degree water. Winds should be NE all day…showers today and tomorrow – stay dry! The Zimmerman girls are Bondi locals […]

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Bondi - moving water

Daily Contrasts

What a contrasty day – weatherwise. This morning was dark with a ceiling of thick cloud; now…well, it’s spring paradise. Toot toot! It was a clean morning, small waist-to-chest high surf – large crowds.Winds are barely blowing from the north at only 2 knots. I was on one of the banks up north with the […]

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Nedd Brockmann being welcomed by Bondi last night after running 3952km

Nedd for PM

Last night Bondi came alive as Nedd Brockman trotted along the prom, completing his 3952km odyssey. The vibe was incredible as thousands lined the final leg of his countrywide schlep – such a fantastic feat – an example to us all of what a strong mind can achieve. Raising 1.5 mil for the homeless is […]

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Luke Brumby on Saturday in the Aussies at Bondi Beach


After a mighty fine weekend of sunshine, we’re back to the default settings (constant flood rain). It’s gushing down as I type this, and small rivers flow down roads. Hectic. It was good to see Bondi in full swing again – people everywhere on the weekend! George Pittar and Rosie Smart won the finals of […]

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Bondi - waves in-between fences and rain squalls

Volatile Gaps

It’s turning out to be a very volatile day, weatherwise. Every 30 minutes is different to the previous 30 minutes. Dark/rain – then sun/blues. What I do know is that it’s a warm day (23 degrees) with summerly NE winds howling across the bay. The swell has kicked from the ENE and I am guessing […]

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Wilbur Ryall - cover shot. 10 year old doing airs - too good


Under NE breezes, we’ve got surfable chest-to-shoulder high morning surf. The banks are quite strange towards the south end, a bit of a lucky dip. Moments of sunshine earlier before clouds are thickening, in preparation for tomorrow’s showers. Good day to churn out the work tomorrow. The next few days will be an East small […]

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Freddy Carmody throwing out some morning heat, Bondi Beach

Ripping Tykes

This morning was a nice little break from the daily drizzle and persistent onshores. Clean little peaks littered the beach whilst the grom squad took over a ferocious rip bowl in the middle. It was pumping this morning for tiny humans (sub 30 kgees). Bondi is full of frothing groms these days; they’ve all graduated […]

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The Bondi golden arches, new pavilion


We had glimpses of light this morning – no lie. Then, as the sun rose over the horizon, it shot gold across the bay. Perfect! Oh, but I still got rain to sprinkle on my back as the sun came out (standard La Nina madness). With the devil wind from the east in town, surf […]

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Mid-length driving from the bottom


Oh, how nice, a little reprieve from the constant rains this morning – hell – I even saw the sun! How good. We are experiencing the wettest year since records began (164 years). Around lunchtime yesterday, we surpassed the record of 2194mm of annual rainfall from 1950. The thing is, we still have a couple […]

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Cabarita, North Coast Gem

Mixed Bag

I guess this is the new norm, waking to rainy days with all this La Nina talk. It’s not my favourite kinda morning – but makes me highly productive in the office. Need anything done? Today’s a mixed bag of photos from the past few days – as I was roaming, school holidays and all. […]

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Bronte, sizeable waves clipping the corner


After a week of school holidays (where I rarely picked up a camera) I’m baaack! The daily fix should flow from here… A nice morning to kick off this working week (well, there are still plenty of school holidays). A sprinkle of colour at sunrise, light winds and a consistently breaking 3-foot ESE swell. All […]

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