Let’s dream…

In Sydney, the heavy rain is back – and it set in for the day, get comfortable.

I am sure we all wanna look at something more inspiring than Bondi getting dowsed. How about a day on the Amalfi Coast back in the middle of August when it’s days and days of 30 degrees and clear skies? Some of the best swimming I’ve done (sans waves) is on this fantastic coastline…the water is ridiculously blue, the swim caves amazing and the food – well the food is exceptional.

Cheer up – hopefully, this weather will pass tomorrowish. I am stoked to report Wednesday will be 27 banging degrees and sunny – I declare a day off for everyone enduring these storms. We deserve it.

:: uge

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The waters around Capri is exquisite.


Capri. kuh · pree


A hectic joint built on a cliff edge. Positano, Italy


Try driving down that road, it's a nightmare


One Fire Beach Club - so fun


People dive off this bridge into the water for kicks, not my cuppa


Spend the day here.


2 thoughts on “Let’s dream…

  1. The black sand, security guards , cordoned off areas and cost per hour don’t really reflect the freedom of the Bondi lifestyle- but, glad you enjoyed your stay along the Amalfi coast. I found it overrated and pretentious.

    1. I love it over there, it’s just so different to home. If everywhere was like home, it wouldn’t be interesting to visit. I don’t like paying for beaches, but accept that’s how it’s done over there – black sand is something different and just as beautiful, never saw a security guard – but the whole experience is amazing. uge

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