They sure love a deep, dark tan in Italy


It’s raining in Bondi this morning, and shooting wasn’t high on the priorities. No, I didn’t jump on a plane headed for Italy, do not worry. Pre-Rona, we did a handful of tours in Italy and spent all our money on helicopters – my shooting platform of choice. One heli even stalled over Capri, luckily […]

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Who's got the sunscreen? Italian joy peak season

Let’s dream…

In Sydney, the heavy rain is back – and it set in for the day, get comfortable. I am sure we all wanna look at something more inspiring than Bondi getting dowsed. How about a day on the Amalfi Coast back in the middle of August when it’s days and days of 30 degrees and […]

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Melon time!

Estate infinita

Well, that was one helluva beach weekend — one of the year’s most beautiful. With crystal clear warm water and a few small waves, I am pretty sure you’re happy with how your weekend went down. Today – not so great. One foot, offshore, and lots and lots of rain. I wasn’t feeling inspired to […]

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Costiera Amalfitana

The forecast for today on the Amalfi Coast…34 degrees and sunny. Just like yesterday. In fact, just like the last 3 months. Lucca, who makes my morning coffee reckons it’s only rained once in 2 months (Disclaimer – Lucca’s English is as good as my Italian, we make do with lots of hand movements). It’s the perfect […]

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Bonjourno! Welcome to The Amalfi Coast of Italy where it’s a roasting 33 degrees – everyday. Like Australians… the Italians love the beach (or Spiaggia). They celebrate summer by baking on every rock, pier, lilo or 100m super yacht. It was a full house yesterday – everywhere. Positano would give Bondi a run for it’s money with beach […]

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