Positano colours, yesterday from the air.


Bonjourno! Welcome to The Amalfi Coast of Italy where it’s a roasting 33 degrees – everyday. Like Australians… the Italians love the beach (or Spiaggia). They celebrate summer by baking on every rock, pier, lilo or 100m super yacht. It was a full house yesterday – everywhere. Positano would give Bondi a run for it’s money with beach crowds…image if you had to walk down a single 2 metre wide lane to access Bondi on a 50,000+ crowd day. That’s Positano – complete chaos.

I’ve wanted to shoot the Amalfi Coast via the air for years. It’s one of those bucket list type things. So happy it was an amazing day. Great colours with the umbrellas against volcanic black sand. Enjoy.


Ciao :: ugio

Tiny hidden beach of La Praia. Tucked away behind a bridge

Isolated beach, Italy. No beach clubs out here

La Praia


Every rock, crack, headland is utilised. Italy, Amalfi Coast

La Praia from behind.

Italian beach clubs

With 33 degrees and black sand, you'll need all the shade you can get


6 thoughts on “Spiaggia

  1. Hi Ugio,

    These pics just made my day – we were there June/July for 10 days – our advice…get away from Positano and hang out at the smaller towns and beaches. No crowd bliss and all the charm, colours, clear water of the Amalfi Coast. Then get up to Ravello for the best views on earth. Seriously magic.

    Buona vacanza

  2. Hi Uge,
    enjoying the heatwave and sunny warm weather here in Germany and still dreaming of a holiday in Italy. Your pictures made my day! Amassing!

    Cheers Sarah

  3. Isn’t the one with the bridge called “Fiordo di Furore” ? La Praia i believe is the one closer to Praiano with a nice little restaurant call “Bar Mare” . Boom, the Geography police are watching you !

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