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Rock Love

By the time you read this post I’ve flown the coop… On a work adventure of course. Hard work.

Where we going now? You ever been to Italy? Yeah baby…we’re gonna try something a little different and check out The Med beaches of Capri, Amalfi and South of France.

Surfing? Definitely not. Not even packing. Just a whole lot of swimming, shooting, eating and one or two drinks. I once posted from the Italian Riviera (10 years ago!)…so it’s going to be great to get back there.

It may be raining here in Sydney today – but the surf pretty big (5-6 foot) but the wind is all over it.

Today’s images are from my second home – Hawaii. People ask me why I love that place so much. Well I hope these photograph explain why. Big challenging surf, clear water, amazing light…Hawaiian Airlines are doing deals to Oahu. Take advantage

:: u g i o

The surf in Hawaii pumps...full stop


Clear water - dreamy

Pipe blown out

Surf that challenges you

Warm light - see you soon

3 thoughts on “Rock Love

  1. Ugio,
    excellent news
    Sally and I are in Roma 4-12 septh then Venezio til18th.. up around the thigh rather than ankle Though
    Have fun (impossible not to )

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