Estate infinita

Well, that was one helluva beach weekend — one of the year’s most beautiful. With crystal clear warm water and a few small waves, I am pretty sure you’re happy with how your weekend went down.

Today – not so great. One foot, offshore, and lots and lots of rain. I wasn’t feeling inspired to shoot this morning, so we’re going back to Italy – mid-summer, mainly around the Amalfi Coast.

Most of you know, but the aerial images are mostly from helicopters and not drones. I prefer to fly’n’shoot for so many reasons, mainly to cover lots of ground and superior image quality. It’s always exciting shooting in Italy; my pilot usually does limoncello shots with me after we land – yes, which worries me a little…we did double shots one year when he stalled the aircraft at 1,000 feet in 2016. Wow!

Jordy Lawler, the Narrabeen grom who’s all grown up just won the Manly Vissla Pro over the weekend. I surfed with Jordy over Xmas break, and that kid was blowing tails on one footers everywhere I looked. So stoked for him.

Waves are coming towards the end of the weekend. Do work now. Surf later. Peace.

:: uge

Little paradise corner


Rocky beach, Praiano


The Amalfi Coasteria is one huge chunk of rock


Waters edge, Italy


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