My 10 year old kid is surfing better than I, can't get a wave off him


Finally, a break in the weather, the rain held off and the constant onshore winds subsided – for a bit. I even saw the sun today; bingo! It was short-lived as 9:30 am we got wet again. We’re stuck in this volatile weather for a bit more, probably until following Monday. There was a slight bump worth riding […]

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Sunny morning, 1-2 footers


At sunrise, there was a little pocket of clean conditions. It’s small, mid-Bondi had a left worth riding in the 1-2 foot range. The SE onshore winds are in now and will blow…promoting more swell energy for the weekend. (fingers crossed) I had all manner of technical problems shooting in the water today! A full […]

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Andrej Kowalski does airs on foamies, for real

Colourful Fridays

A lot was going on down at Bondi this morning. In fact that’ an understatement. It was a crazy combination of some of the best waves we’ve had all week, Friday (so everyone comes down), warm bath-like water, decent sunrise and One Wave (Fluro Fridays) 6th Birthday – busy! Good to see a little kick […]

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Mystery Man


The forecast was for 90% rain this morning. I turned my dawn alarm off, thinking of a sleep in (rare for me). At 7 am, I opened the blinds expecting darkness and it was the complete opposite. A full sky of brilliant hues, clean, high head waves. Paradise! Super nice morning, a tad onshore and […]

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Weeties, tickling the peel and gliding down the line, Bondi

Salty Fix

The water has chilled back down. I wore rubber this morning. Damn those NE can make a difference to water temps, even when they blow for one day. Chilled water is what you will need today – ’cause it’s going to be ROASTING hot. At 3 pm today we should strike 36-38 degrees! Boooya! Take […]

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Kowalski's wake from a turn

Early swims

It’s sometimes hard to get into the ocean before the sun’s warmth has risen over Ben Buckler. In the depths of winter, I force myself to swim early because I know how good it feels afterwards – sets you up for the day! (And it’s kinda my job) Tiny waves, still surfable. Waist high sets. […]

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Bondi's finest small wave shredder, The Great Kowalski


Justin Beiber was in Bondi yesterday. Shirtless. Inked. Parading. The word is that he’s here to shop at Louis Vuitton’s pop-up store on Roscoe, others say he’s here for a Hillsong mega conference. I thought he was looking for some Aquabumps prints from the gallery…but we all know why he’s here…our new Ferris wheel. It’s […]

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Sensational morning down the beach, go for a muggy swim


We’ve got a gap in the storms, it’s all nice and still (and not raining). Savor this moment. 19 days of rain out of a possible 22 for March. It bucketed yesterday after we last spoke, again. I believe it to be cloudy but dry this afternoon. But who really knows? The waves are tiny, […]

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A wind swell has arrived…and you can surf it…but it is pretty average. I wouldn’t race down. Even with an offshore breeze it looks quite junkie. The weekend is going to be mostly sunny (dang!)…with tiny waves, best suited to beginners. Have you been to Bondi Tony’s Burger Joint yet? It’s new and on Glenayr […]

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Some days it’s pretty tough writing my two paragraphs to you all. I’ve written this spiel 3,500 times over the past 14 years..and the first sentence is always a killer. Takes me ages. I normally hunt around for inspiration (normally a distraction)…I trawl google earth looking for hidden point breaks in Sydney, watch Slater’s Fijian […]

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I can draw a lot of parallels between Banzai Pipeline and Bondi today: The water was a salubrious 24 degrees…very similar temperature to Hawaii. In fact I’d go as far as saying it’s the best temperature I’ve felt in the Bondi water for a long, long time. The crowd was huge…just like Pipeline @ 6am […]

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A friend told me that this rainy crud weather is here to stay for all of December and January. I asked the same friend if they can pick the lotto numbers for this weekend as I’d like to buy a boat, ok maybe just a dinghy. I’d agree and say it’s going to rain until […]

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Real pretty day outside (again). This autumn stuff is great. Yesterday proved the charts wrong and it turned on – 4 foot waves were on offer for most of the day with perfect gentle offshores (and sunshine). How good was that? Hope you broke free from the desk and got out there (plenty of people […]

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