Andrzej carving it up on his new fish


Real pretty day outside (again). This autumn stuff is great.

Yesterday proved the charts wrong and it turned on – 4 foot waves were on offer for most of the day with perfect gentle offshores (and sunshine). How good was that? Hope you broke free from the desk and got out there (plenty of people out in the middle of the day). Just goes to show the swell charts aren’t always right .

Today the swell has dropped a few gears and weak 1-2 footers were lappin’ into the bay. Barely any wind last night and today…very inviting. Tomorrow the swell returns so get other stuff done now.

Liquid Edge

With all this good weather outdoor activities are a must. Charter a 38 footer from our buddies at Liquid Edge and explore the harbour. Tell ’em Aquabumps sent ya.

Random Info: Massive seal tormented surfers yesterday when I was out there. Quite funny really. Spooked the tourists as they scrambled for the beach. Facebook: You all know I’m a fan of FB, and now you can rate things on Aquabumps with your thumb of approval – like like like…wow.

Predawn colours of Bondi

Golden early morning light

Warm water...can still do the boardies (or bikinis)

Threeway action: a standard Bondi wave

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