Gideon Silverman ripping it up on his new board

Gold Plated Bondi

Just one of those cracker mornings out there – quite distracting sitting here in Aquabumps HQ punching out a update when I know there are 2-4 footers rolling into Bondi. It’s ultra clean with warm water and smothering sunshine. Magic! Why would you live anywhere else on a day like this?

There would be decent waves at any beach facing south today – even though the charts don’t show much swell energy – it’s bigger and better than forecasted. Bondi’s banks still stink (closeouts or porkas), so I’d head down that southern highway in search for something better.

The forecast is looking promising for the end of the week, especially Saturday. This time of year is the best, still summery warm water but the benefits of a winter swell machine.

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Adios, uge

Chasing it down the line

decent lefthander in the middle

Grom paddling back out the back


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