Red – eye

Before you hit reply on this daily email and demand I re-send the correct sunrise images from this morning – well, I don’t have ’em. I was circling Sydney airport when the sky blew up into strong hues…so I could only watch on, without a black shutter obstructing my view. Many say it was one of the finest dawn blazers…Ex pro surfer Byron from Massive called ‘tools down’ in his cafe, like a dawn service to pay respects to such a colourful display.

When I finally got there, it was a nice morning down at Bondi: still, glassy and some decent little waves – 2-3 foot. It was much better before the tide came in and killed it…max 23 degrees with perfectly grooming offshore winds all day (10-15 knots). Why not?

Enjoy a short week, uge


Robin Austin, there every day

making the most of a closeout section

This is what is looked like 30 minutes later

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