Rights rolling in on the fun bank


A friend told me that this rainy crud weather is here to stay for all of December and January. I asked the same friend if they can pick the lotto numbers for this weekend as I’d like to buy a boat, ok maybe just a dinghy.

I’d agree and say it’s going to rain until next Wednesday. Fortunately there are waves, 2-3 footish. But these morning high tides are making it pretty fat.

The Hawaii Banzai Pipe Masters looks like it will kick off on the 8th December with a big swell hitting (remember they are a day behind). Webby

If you are bored at work, I thought this little video was well made. A little long (grab a cuppa) with some average surfing…but the scenery is magical

With all this rain I am sure you don’t feel like being outside and Christmas shopping. Shop online! Get a book from us, or maybe a gift card, or a little piece from the gallery.

Bye :: uge (just for the record that is pronounced yooj. Not ugg, not oog, not egg, not huge but that’s ok)

Surf wagon

Good bloke - Ritchie Hensen

Bondi 7:20am Mr. Kowalski puttin' it up there

I like this right, want it.

Camera shy AK


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  1. UGE – can I trouble you for your top Honey Moon spots in Australia? Have seen some awesome spots on your site over the yrs but cannot remember the locations/digs? Fiancées condition, they must be on or near a great swimming beach. Cheers

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