Hypto grind


A wind swell has arrived…and you can surf it…but it is pretty average. I wouldn’t race down. Even with an offshore breeze it looks quite junkie.

The weekend is going to be mostly sunny (dang!)…with tiny waves, best suited to beginners.

Have you been to Bondi Tony’s Burger Joint yet? It’s new and on Glenayr Street (Bondi Beach). Dangerously close to my house. I’ve been going too much.

Have a great weekend, :: uge

Jasmine does good work

Party wave time

One Wave Boys

Will Whitaker, take off


Random Lifeguard tower propaganda

Mr. Kowalski - king of small waves

Heading up the hill

Cora, one of the most prolific shooters in our hood

One thought on “CHOP HOP

  1. love the bondi love
    but geez if you’re gonna get all local
    at least get the street names right!

    it was, has been, and always will be, glenayr avenue.

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