Sunrise surfers at Bronte.

Lord Nelson

This morning was interesting. I arrived at Bronte Beach, early (6:30am). I shot some slow shutter stuff…took my time. Day dreamed. Waves looked very small. 1-2 foot. 2 guys out. Out of the blue a 3-4 footer arrived. CRUNCH! Impressive I thought. We’d it come from? I know a south ground swell is due today, but not until the arvo. As my morning shoot progressed the swell kicked. By the time I left the beach there were 3 to 4 footers consistently coming in. It was even starting to max out on sets. Somewhere is going off right now…somewhere…

:: uge

'Lanes' Bronte Pool

The Bronte animal

Chris Friend, clean bottom turn

Lip service

Out run

Unridden Bronte wave


Winter sun walk

Sage taming a beastie one

A Bronte Pool ghost

Back wash wonk

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