Post wave Spray, Bondi Beach

Long Period

We’re experiencing some nice long-period swells at the moment….kinda felt like being back in Indo. You know…sitting there, it’s dead flat, then all the sudden a 4 footer arrives out of the blue. Nice! Treats!

The chilly offshore winds are grooming those puppies well. Bondi had a few fun ones. I like the left into the corner. Wanna ride it now.

The is a huge swell running along West Oz smacking into the Mentawais. The boys up there are blowing their minds in solid 12 foot bombs. Dammit! We just missed all the big action.

Today is June 30. Last day of the financial year. How about shedding some coin to our no.1 charity SURFAID  – they’re send you a receipt and all so you can claim it. Watch this video of RASTA and chip in…

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Jail bait

1st highlights

JJ, heading out...Bondi Beach

Stretched water

Can't seem to shake this guy, Kinsey. Follows me around


Left wall

Mal rights

Taking the high line

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