Like a painting, Bondi today, 7am


Really mild conditions in Sydney at the moment. The days aren’t that cold…the water is warm (20). Odd for this time of year.

The waves are hibernating today…and tomorrow you should see a swell increase (wind swell only which is short lived). It is going to rain for sure…

The One Wave crew are getting organised! The Friday antics are growing and their surfing experience program to help combat mental issues is set to fly. They need your support and for the first time raising money to grow their awareness and extend the program, globally. Donate here to show you care. It’s gonna be big.

Have a great day…


Back wash boom!


Guided missile. Charlotte

Glowing bits

Speed Demon, Bondi Beach

Chaci loves a left


Just cruzin

Hard at it...Bondi

Happy Birthday Chris Little!

5 thoughts on “Mild

  1. What’s Fang riding, please? Looks interesting. (As the second southerly squall hits us here on the northern beaches.)

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