Morning mood

Rip Currents

We are experiencing a good little run of small waves in Sydney. It’s surfable every day – no – not cranking, but you can get wet. As the rips turned on – the bowls started to flow. (I’m sure my Mum will call me later asking what that means in English). The micro-groms were out […]

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Bronte Pool also known at Bonds Ocean Pool

Bonds Ocean Pool

Today’s wanderings took me to Bronte Pool, one of the most photogenic ocean pools in New South Wales. It’s small, only 30 metres long, but has a cult-like following of hardcore locals that swim all year round. These days Instagram has blown the joint to the universe, so it’s a key photo-geek hang. The pool […]

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Summer Supreme

These past few months the weather in Sydney has been immaculate. Day after day of glorious sunshine. A good year to build a house aye? Today was quite sumpin’ down there a 6:30am. Truckloads of people, massive packs of surfers and everyone enjoying the good weather. The waves are small, waist high – but every […]

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Interesting day today. We’ve got a forecasted maximum of 27 degrees. How good. Don’t let that fool you though, the water is super chilly so you’re still need rubber. The wind will blow a gale later, 30 knots. That’s sulo bin chasing strength. Bring the washing in. The swell has evaporated and only suitable for […]

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