Those infrequent, treasured lefts on ‘the bank’


Interesting day today. We’ve got a forecasted maximum of 27 degrees. How good. Don’t let that fool you though, the water is super chilly so you’re still need rubber.

The wind will blow a gale later, 30 knots. That’s sulo bin chasing strength. Bring the washing in.

The swell has evaporated and only suitable for loggers on ‘The Left’ at Bondeye. Some sets will break around your chest. But there’s a long wait and hungry crowd.

The great news is that a swell is arriving on Sunday – quite a big one. Double head high from the South with SW winds. I pray that this pounding swell doesn’t change our beloved sand bank.

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Adios :: ugios

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Sea Glass

Bondi 7:30am, face off

Never see him in the water - Lukey Wilson

Not sure where the wave is...

Bondi 7:20am, shore fangs


3 thoughts on “Sizzle

  1. Hi uge,
    The mention of the incoming swell got me thinking of bare island. Seems that place was the mysto spot when I was younger. I never surfed it or saw any pics but the name always came up before and after a bug swell. I think it was in botany bay somewhere. Anyway if you or any of your readers can shed some light maybe I can get back to work. Thanks, love your work.

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