Bondi 7am, where's everyone going?

Summer Supreme

These past few months the weather in Sydney has been immaculate. Day after day of glorious sunshine. A good year to build a house aye?

Today was quite sumpin’ down there a 6:30am. Truckloads of people, massive packs of surfers and everyone enjoying the good weather.

The waves are small, waist high – but every 30 minutes a head high set. Hope you’ve got a relatively free schedule and can get down here.

B y e :: u g e

Swimmercam South Bondi

I think we need a few more boards in this shot


Blue skies and good times


That is a head high wave...waited 30 minutes for this one


10 thoughts on “Summer Supreme

  1. Uge

    I’m sitting in Seattle, cold and rainy, I’ve got Jamiroquai Blue Skies on in the background and your Blue Skies and Good Times in front of me. Makes life a litter sunnier.


  2. aww man so hot, big and juicy, I could look at that all day… What a wave! I’d wait 30 minutes for that. Nice and glassy too. (please stop posting pictures of near nude ladies it’s yucky)

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