Bondi Magic

Can you believe it’s going to be 34 degrees today? Wow.

Typical of Sydney, as soon as it gets hot a storm will follow. Wind coming too. That’ll cool it right down from 34 to 21 tomorrow. Wow.

The surf was dribbling in this morning. Knee cappers and worthy of a log. Tomorrow is totally different with a new south swell. We’re at Manly tomorrow as Aquabumps has a team in the SURF AID CUP (Queensie end). So if you want to see some really good surfing, a few famous world champion surfers oh and support our team to a victory…come down from 9am. Thanks to ALOHA and GSI, we’re auctioning a 6’6” x 21”Aloha Bean Future Flex (I ride an Aloha Bean and love it). The auction ends in 1 hour (hurry). All proceeds of the board sale will go directly to SURFAID. BID NOW

Seeya, :: uge





6:30am, slider


5 thoughts on “Bondi Magic

  1. WOW very nice and very amazing. i can not wait for summer. hopefully this years summer will make up for last.
    Are you going to Fiji or somwhere in the pacific this summer?

  2. Another Epic morning! Magic shot says it all! Was doing the sculptures walk saw a girl 2metres from a shark on a paddleboard…crazy beautiful! Goodluck for the comp – great cause.

  3. Wow! Uge… that last image… it’s mesmerizing!

    You never cease to amaze me with creativity with which you document Bondi.

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