AQUABUMPS CF001823 Mar-11-2019


I ventured out of the Bondi bubble this morning and landed into the flat waters of Coogee. We had some light at sunrise which was then smothered but a southerly around 8am. Waves are tiny, 1 footish. It was much better on the weekend. Hope you got some! Reminder, I’m selling a large format photo […]

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These colourful skies seem to be following me around the globe

Colour Binge

Whilst the wave department has failed this morning the sunrise department has stepped up a gear. Amazing skies. I’m having a good run of these colourful skies following me around the globe at the moment. A cool day ahead on land with a maximum of 18 degrees. The water is still pretty warm, I am […]

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1st light froth, 6:10am


It’s a cooking spring day with a freaky 32 degrees on the forecast. How good… The beach was humming with activity this morning as the masses flocked to Bondi for their slice of this warm day. Did you get in? Cold in. Waves were meant to be a tiny 1-2 foot, but I saw sets over […]

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Nice clean, small waves this morning. It’s only waist to chest high and kinda weak…but surfable. We finally have a couple of banks at Bondi – which best suit a very small swell like today. Round 2 is currently running at the Quiksilver Pro, Snapper. It looks tiny and torturous. The waiting period has been […]

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We’ve had some amazing contrasts in the weather lately. Saturday you woke up to typhoon like rain and Sunday you woke up to spring bliss. A few little waves have been popping up here and there, super fun down at Bondi this morning with 2 (sometimes) 3 footers. With the morning sunshine blazing – conditions […]

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Antarctic Blitz

And you thought yesterday was cold, welcome to today. The wind is howling 20 knots which can make it feel a lot colder than what the weather man says. Much warmer in the water than out…19 in, 7 out. At Bondi there was a ‘wave’. It was 1-2 foot, peeling left for 15 metres. A […]

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