Nice clean, small waves this morning. It’s only waist to chest high and kinda weak…but surfable. We finally have a couple of banks at Bondi – which best suit a very small swell like today.

Round 2 is currently running at the Quiksilver Pro, Snapper. It looks tiny and torturous. The waiting period has been extended to Friday to allow for a new swell on the horizon. View live

If you’re not doing anything tonight, come down to the Bucket List Bondi for the SurfAid Surfing Chefs. You can get $150 tickets on the door and it’s gonna be huge. Anyone can come. More

We’ve teamed up with The Academy Brand so you can win a very special board shaped by Andrew Warhurst skinned in one of our photographs. They look hot. Enter here


Little 11 year old Nick ripping this morning.

Ghost (my version)

Love that gold

Carolina on middles

Mid-dance. Bondi

Jack Ruwald frothing

Deep discussions

George, out every single day, most of the time twice a day.

Lifeguard Corey Oliver

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