Cloudy days, Bondi


Like most recent days, there are waves on offer, clouds, a tiny bit of rain and shocking banks at Bondi. How bad? Ghastly I reckon. The fact that there was barely anyone surfing it is testament. There’s ALWAYS someone out surfing Bondi. There were a couple around the corner at Bronte on some sorta weird […]

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I’ve been shooting a lot in the last 24 hours. Other than pumping waves, everything else was spot on. Sensational weather, warm water, big crowds, amazing sunrises and crystal clear blue water. The beach has been a hive of activity. There’s an east swell in town, small (2ft at the Bra) but the Northerlies were […]

Weetman puttin' the foot down

The Slow Shutter

Good to see some fruit in the bowls at Bondi this morning. Pumping? Sadly not. Surfable – correct. After a few days of slim pickings, we have surfable 1-3 footers. Clean at high tide this morning, but the onshore has always begun its disturbance. Do you know I’ve got 14 years of Aquabumps daily archives […]

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Lefthanders at Tama


We’ve got a full-blown Nor-east swell in Sydney so you’ll barely see anything show up at South facing Bondi Beach. Bondi fancies a south swell. Around the corner, at Tamarama, there were some fat lumps that broke earlier today, but Tama hates the high tide – and it’s really a mal wave when it’s full. […]

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Mutant Bronte Reef nugget

The Slow

I was a little shocked to see good (ok, maybe just surfable) waves down at our beaches this morning. Hell, even Bondi had a wave that was not just a shorey. Has the sand finally moved? Don’t get too excited…still, plenty of bank making required. Waves are definitely over head high. The winds are much lighter, […]

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Reef lines, Southern Bondi Beach 7am


Today is a case of ‘should-a-got-up-early’. Looking out the window as I type this, it’s grey and gloomy. At 6 am we had a few brightly coloured clouds and plenty of nice light to shoot. The waves were not crash hot, mainly due to the absence of sandbanks and a incompatible mid tide. I feel the […]

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Moody Bondi, 6:30am today


These chunky swells are a little frustrating around the eastern suburbs. Even though it’s dropped considerably overnight (still 4-6 foot), the wild oceans just don’t break how we want ’em until its smaller, cleaner. Sheltered nooks like Manly should have something to shred… I know a few places out of town that would be cooking […]

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Weeties, nasally, middles


Warning: these photos may make you ditch work, strip down and float around North Bondi for the rest of the day. It is currently a whoppin’ 38 degrees outside. That’s hot and muggy in Sydney. I’m sure one of those cooling changes won’t be far away – so what are you waiting for? It’s the […]

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The Friendy morning dominance, Bondi Beach

The Slow

I’m back in the ‘hood after my quick fling with Perth Metro waves. So nice and quiet over there. Decent little junkie waves at Bondi this morning. Good to see our sandbanks are holding tight. Few fun little runners. It’s school holidays in NSW and Bondi feels quiet, like everyone has left town. People ask me […]

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Energy less, flat, micro


Well, it’s not exactly J-Bay. About the only thing we have in common with J-Bay today is shark sightings. Bondi is pretty tiny, micro, minuscule. Clean though. J-Bay on the other hand was pumping yesterday. How good was it? How about the day ending with yet another shark in the lineup? (Julian Wilson may be […]

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Really dark and gloomy morning, with a sprinkle of rain


Damn dark and gloomy down the beach this morning. #nonevent We’ve got junkie swells flanked with a southerly. Bondi look pretty wild with random, twisted, buckled peaks. Surfable…debatable. As I write this a ray of sunshine, 1st for the day has struck my keyboard. Alleluia. 1st bit of vitamin D I’ve seen since the Ments. : […]

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Andrew Weetman, bottom arcs, Bondi Beach


It might be cold out, but it’s very warm in. You should get wet. The swell has come to the party, and we now have waves around head high. Winds are SW, that’s offshore – which is great. But I reckon by the time you read this email it will swing around to the SSE […]

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Wild horses at Bondi Beach Australia!


The swell has finally kicked and the winds are a gentle SW offshore. Bingo! It’s starting to get a bit big for our fickle Bondi sand banks, but there’s a few worth riding earlier today. Out the back is quite fat, shoreys looked super hollow and fun. Waves in the 4-5 foot range (10am). It […]

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