It's blowing hard early! Icebergs 7am


Similar to yesterday it’s raining, onshore and dark grey. Fortunately, there is a bit more swell today but it’s still in the two-foot range. #notpumping In a nutshell – continue to do work as you’re not missing anything down here on the beach! I’m selling some camera gear on eBay, click below:

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Check out some of Mallorca's top beaches

Friday Entertainment

It’s Friday and an early morning appointment didn’t allow me to shoot at sunrise – so I snapped a few during the middle of the day. Icebergs was sparkling clean and producing some serious blues. The surf is flat anyway… And so…let’s watch a 2-minute movie from my recent trip to Mallorca hey? Some incredible […]

The enticing waters of Formentera, Spain


Yesterday I met Formentera. All I can say, I will be back. Formentera is a small island hanging off the south of Ibiza. A little speed boat will cross over the 6km ditch…and then you’ll see some of Europe’s best beaches. For me, the water clarity, and unique electric blue colour was mind-blowing. It’s similar to […]

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Es Vedrà, Ibiza. UFO base? 3rd most magnetic area on the globe?


When I was a teenager, I was a raver. House music was doofing out of my car, and I worshipped Paul Oakenfeld. Back then, Ibiza was the mecca of clubbing and trans-house. I dreamt of partying here. Then the TV show ‘Ibiza uncovered’ came out – portraying the island as a Kutaesque filthy hole with […]

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Swimmers paradise, Calos De Moro, Mallorca, Spain

Paradise Found

Along my 20 year odyssey to discover the perfect beaches of the world, I’ve visited hundreds, if not thousands of pristine locations. For weeks I’d been Google-Earth-stalking one beach in Spain, that just looked too perfect on social media. I even chartered a helicopter to take me there as soon as I arrived, but the […]

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Cala Deia, Mallorca, Spain - the swim spot

Deia Dayz

We drove to the west side of Mallorca, crossed the mountains rolled down to the bay of Deia. Wow. It’s out of the wind over there and the coves (Cala) are pure glass and swimmable. The watercolours are off the hook on this island. Mallorca is bigger than you think – 100 kilometres x 100 […]

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Sa Calobra - Where 1500m mountains rise out of the sea, Mallorca


Hola! After 30 hours of travel from Sydney, I’ve arrived at the stunning Balearic Island of Mallorca (meaning ‘larger island’ in Latin). This rocky island has been the host of many sunseekers in The Med for centuries. The Romans, Audrey Hepburns and Elizabeth Taylors all have hung out here – hell…even our very own late Christopher Skase fled […]

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Matt Pearson, stabbing through a close out

ESE fetch

From my bank I can check the surf, that’s important to me when selecting a bank. Yesterday I was punching out some boring admin, banking, walking around with bits of paper etc…and I saw the swell leap from 1 foot to 3 foot, in a matter of minutes. It was biblical; it was beautiful, it was […]

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Sometimes there's a ripbowl in front of this sign, not today


Today’s one of those days where you can’t quite make out what’s going to happen. It’s volatile. I’ve visited the beach a few times, and it has always been something different. This morning, I sat around in the darkness, waiting for some light to shoot. There were waves, but even the ocean looks confused between a […]

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