Deia Dayz

We drove to the west side of Mallorca, crossed the mountains rolled down to the bay of Deia. Wow.

It’s out of the wind over there and the coves (Cala) are pure glass and swimmable. The watercolours are off the hook on this island. Mallorca is bigger than you think – 100 kilometres x 100 kilometres and is basically one enormous lump of limestone jutting out of The Med.

Mallorca attracts 10 million tourists a year! Yes, ten – mainly in the summer months. (Ibiza is only 3 mil per year). It seems mostly Brits or Germans flock here. We’re in June so the Euro summer is just kicking off – but I think in August this place would be rammed.

I hear there is plenty of rain back home. Bondi looks like 2-3 ft and fun right now (bit junkie), but definitely surfable on the cams.

Adios, Ugios

The mountains are incredible here


Hu Stewart looking for Crays


Jax Ho taking the plunge this week


1 hour on ultra windy roads will bring you here - paradise

Es Trenc beach, Mallorca


Jules and Kara


Lunch at Cala Deia Beach - a must!

Sa Calobra lone tree


The island is one huge chunk of rock, similar to Capri Italy


Swims at Sa Calobra


Cala Deia Beach

5 thoughts on “Deia Dayz

  1. Mallorca it´s realy awesome, different type of beaches and grounds … Nice to read your comment. Serch for Formentera Beaches information, that´s another world, wild, natural, free and extraordinari place. I will be there in one week oooo yeah!!!!

  2. Have travelled all over the world and Mallorca still blows me away .. high mountains and deserted coves ..
    hard to beat! Imagine if it had a few waves!!

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