Sunrise, Ben Buckler, Bondi 7am

City to Surf

We live in a great city. Sydney is surrounded by water. Most of us live close to a beach or nook in the harbour. Bondi is only 7.9 kilometres from the city and has good clean water – the amount of marine life in our ‘hood is a testament to this. Today’s photographs are a […]

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Crowd pleaser, Northern Beaches

Awayco + Ace + Darkside

Like to surf? Yeah? Well, the past 6 weeks have been flat as. Real frustrating summer dribbles for days on end. Today has broken that swell drought and we have great waves! World No. 16 Ace Buchan dropped by for some pre-tour warm-ups. It’s dropping fast, 4-5 foot, East winds now (was offshore earlier). Hate travelling […]

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Friday was a real novelty in Sydney wasn’t it? One of those freaks. 41 degrees still at 7pm and everyone hit the beach to cool off. At 7:15pm a raging southerly tore it up and cooled it back down to humane temps. Arrgh yes, love that southerly. I took the bird out and shot most […]

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Over & Above

As I write this daily post the clouds have arrived and our fantastic run of beach weather has come to an end. It’s gone all stormy…rain will hit very soon. Bunker in as the storm will be in town until Thursday. To celebrate the weekend of glorious weather I went up in the sky to […]

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We’ve got a fresh batch of south swell and the beach is full of wobbly peaks. She’s not perfect, but it’s worth getting wet. That is…until the wind swings more south. It’s 4 foot. Watch this video, it will get your pumped for the approaching ski season! :uge

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Hola… There is always something going on down at Bondi. This morning’s treat was the Sydney Philharmonic Choir singing as we went about our morning rituals. At less than 7 degrees around 6:30am, with frosty offshores, I bet they couldn’t wait to get off the beach. Surf : today is knee to a freak chest […]

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