Hectic, Bondi. 20 Nov 2015 6:45pm


Friday was a real novelty in Sydney wasn’t it? One of those freaks. 41 degrees still at 7pm and everyone hit the beach to cool off. At 7:15pm a raging southerly tore it up and cooled it back down to humane temps. Arrgh yes, love that southerly.

I took the bird out and shot most of these images. We landed as the wind hit. It was quite exciting! The temps dropped from 41 to 27 in minutes.

Today – mild day with small 2-3 footers. No where near as exciting.

Pretty much 1 month until Chrissy. If you are overseas and you want us to ship to you – orders closing soon! Order online from the comfort of that chair.

:: uge

P.S. wanna see the aerials bigger – click on ’em to go to an enlargement

Crumbly Peak, Bondi

Dive! Bondi, 20th Nov 6:50pm

Mahon laps, Maroubra

Last Bake, 7pm Friday 20th November Bondi

Cloey, Nov 20

Long shadows, Bondi

TODAY! gated path

Shore lap, Bondi

Glassy peak, Bondi

Few rolling in, Bondi

Reprieve, Bondi. Hiding from the 41 degree heat

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