The Final for 2008

It’s hard to believe another year has crept on by. 2008 was a blur. 2009 will mark 10 years of these Aquabumps daily updates. What started out as a photo email flicked to a few of my mates has grown to 30,000 loyal subscribers all over the globe. Who would have thought…Some subscribers have been on this list for 10 years…you poor souls, havin’ to read my rambles with diabolical grammar and typos. (hey I never said I could write – photos are my game).
There are many people to thank that make this site free & independent. Here are just a few – thanks to : Kelvin Khoo the sysadmin IT genius, Zac Zavos + Ab + Stephen Merriman + Chris Jones who worked on the new version of the Aquabumps website. Mad dog + JV + Ness + Damion Fuller – the board of directors who are still waiting they annual cheques. Debs who has to listen to my new ideas for Aquabumps – daily – and goes out to bat for Aquabumps in deal land. Mikala Wilbow – Aquabump’s full time gallery manager, Jo + Ness Sheeds + Christian who also work in the gallery. Mischee for keeping me out of the books – numbers ain’t my thing either. Jay Neely for pushing me to open more galleries…bigger ones. Canon (Chris Macleod)…oh yes Canon…for making those marvellous little cameras that I use daily. All the advertisers who help me chip away at that massive hosting bill. Andy Cliffe for designing the new gallery, Greg Alderman for building it with Peter Buruma, Geoff from Jands…oh and all the swimmer cams for being good sports. THANKS. And thanks to the readers…all 30,000 of you honks – wherever you are.
The Best of 2008

26th August 2008 – Best Sunrise We had the best sunrise we’ve had in years on 26th August which I captured on panormaic film – not digi – so before you start asking about pink filters and Photoshop fancy dance work – there were none. Just a very old camera and the old way – view report

7th November 2008 – Best Swimmercam
20,000 people checked out these shots of Ashley in a few weeks. That’s a lot. My inbox was full of comments as well…no you can’t have her number.

Jan 2 2008 – Best New Gallery Shot
After a cyclone in QLD, the North Coast of NSW lit up with waves. This mean shorey is the best addition to the gallery lineup.

April 2008 – Best Tube International
This perfectly formed Mentawai tube threw so wide and clean. it was about 6 foot – but just a perfect one. Surfer Murray Jacob from WA

1st Dec Bondi – Best local wave -Jono
The best day I’ve ever seen at Bondi. Stories of 3 barrels per wave. That supabank was a freak and lets hope it comes back soon. view report

We’re Still Open
We’re still open in the new Aquabumps Gallery for your Christmas gifts. Come to 151 Curlewis Street, Bondi Beach from 10am to 7pm today or tomorrow. Telephone 9130 7788. We’ve got plenty of frames made up ready to go.
Merry Christmas and have a good New Year. We’re back online around the 14th Jan :: uge

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Silly Season

It’s that time of year again where Bondi is under a siege with drunken travellers. Monday mornings are always interesting early..the bushes in the south end are rustling, stark white geezers wrestle amongst the shore break in their undies, whilst a lone soccer-jersey wearing fella is out-cold-face down in the sand – not even twitchin’ with the morning exercisers. Ahhhh yes, silly season is upon us and the Bunga Bar is going to be pumping later tonight.
There were a few sneaky little waves down at Bondi today. This SE swell (@8.1 seconds) is producing the odd 2-3 footer whilst being groomed by a NE wind that is due to increase in strength later today (20-25 knots). This swell will decline further and tomorrow will be tiny.
If you’re on holidays already, have a great day down the beach ::uge

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Roaming around early today to catch a spectacular sunrise. At 5am the waves were around 1-2 foot and looking weak. This new southerly swell had picked up around 8am (consistent 2 foot) and looks like it will get bigger as the day progresses.
I’d say by night fall it will be 3 foot +. Unfortunately the wind is predicted to blow 20-25 knots as well – so the decent waves will be butchered into a messy wash.
Tomorrow the waves will be 3-4 foot, but the 20-30 knots of southerly will still be affecting it. Pray for a early morning gap in the winds. Sunday should see those winds settle down a little.
New Aquabumps Gallery
The New Aquabumps Gallery is in full swing. We’ve moved to 151 Curlewis Street, Bondi Beach Telephone 9130 7788. We’re sandwiched in between the TAB and Civic Video store. (just up from the well known Thai Terrific). We’re open today until 7pm, and all weekend 10am to 6pm. We have hundreds of pre-made frames ready for xmas presents. Come in. Or just come meet Miss Bondi runner up, Jo, who works is working in the gallery all weekend.

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Intermittent corner bumps

That predicted southerly hit last night cooling down temps and flattening the swell. Well what was left of it.
Waves have dropped to 1 foot-ankle-biters…but if you waited long enough in the southern corner…say 15 mintues, a decent mini wave (may) appear. Regulars Andrej and ‘The Professor’ clocked up their morning quotas (The Professor lectures pharmacology at University – so it’s not such a dumb nickname – but I reckon he makes Lsd in his spare time…but thats another story). The best thing about today is the glorious weather. A fat 28 degrees is forecasted and that beach is looking mighty enticing. Most people have already parked their minds in holiday mode and wagged work anyway…so hit the beach.
Sew It Seams
Emma Mary is a quirky chick who serves me breakky at Greens cafe (one of the best cafes in Bondi). She’s talented in painting, illustration and sewing stuff – as well as baggin’ me out. Emma Mary is having an exhibition of her works on Friday 19th Dec at the E K AUTOMOTIVE GARAGE, 104 Curlewis Street, Bondi just up from the New Aquabumps Gallery – Yes an actual garage. She sells her work far too cheap and has no idea how to market herself so I thought I would pump her up a little. Email Emma

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Low tide hacks

Yesterday was a spectacular day of surfing. Sydney was on fire and it was a salubrious beach day. Thousands hit Bondi’s shores whilst working on the base tan for summer, not much working going done in the city.
The SSE swell has dropped overnight leaving 2-3 foot down at Bondi. The 6:20am low tide exposed multiple peaks along Bondi and was well worth getting wet. A left in the corner was cooking with the incoming tide.
A south change is looming and will ruin the best of today…let’s hope it holds off until later tonight. But until then, it’s a beach day for sure.
Bondi Billabong Store
One of the biggest brands in surfing is opening up shop in Bondi (75 Gould Street Bondi). On the 20th December (sat) doors open and they’re giving away loads of prizes. Parko or Occy will be there to celebrate the new store – as well as the local Bondi Rescue boys. Click here for full details
My Table – Pete Evans
North Bondi’s Pete Evans has launched his new book – MY TABLE. I have 10 signed copies to giveaway. If you can tell me where the Evans boys got the name ‘Hugos’ from you’ll go in the draw to win one of the books. (remember to submit your name and address with your entry)

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Yesterday’s booming swells have relaxed into well formed 4-5 foot, clean, highly surfable waves. The winds are now a favourable NW swinging NE later. The swell is still from the SSE. The midday high tide at 1.93 metres (huge) is going to hide most of the goodness for a while. Always telling when there is a big moon the night before.
Bondi was 4-5 foot and breaking relatively straight at sunrise. Bad option kids. Hit the road, so many breaks would have been cranking earlier today before the high tide. Swell is dropping and will be around 3 foot by nightfall. We surfed a slabbin’ right somewhere close to Sydney (not revealing). Oh my, what a morning, that is until Big man Gezza Blake got a loose board stuck in his head and we had to go to emergency for stitches.
New Billabong Store in Bondi
The Bondi Rescue Boys, Occy or Parko will be opening the new Billabong store at 75A Gould St Bondi this Saturday. Lucky door prizes – Signed Board by Occy, INT softboard, Billabong luggage set, Plus $250 clothing voucher – dang. First 300 customers recieve a free gift (Towel of Tote). more info
Miss Bondi ’08
On Sunday afternoon Danielle Burns was nominated Miss Bondi 2008. Click here for photos by Steffen Burggraaf and Jessie English

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Rogue Burgers

The amazing thing about living in Sydney is how close you can actually get to big waves. Today the swell is up, waves at Bondi thundering across the bay around 8 foot…mean while you can sit poolside and have a coffee at Crabbe hole (Icebergs) just metres away and check the sets.
Last night Bondi was surfable in the south end, not this morning as the wind seemed to have messed things up early. A couple of hell men taming rogue Ben Buckler – but nothing that decent.
The Box and Kobi Graham tow’ed fatty Bronte bombs – but the tide was too high.
So we have swell, plenty of supply, just need it to all calm down a little and clean up.
Winds: S/SW 18/23 kts tending S/SE 13/18 kts in the afternoon, then 8/13 kts in the evening.
Tides: 10.58 am high, 5.45 pm low tide
North Bondi lad Andrew Cameron has quit his day job to kick off a range of tees available online inspired by his travels to South America. View Online
You can now buy Radiator vests direct from the manufacturer. Good xmas present idea. View Online

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This ain’t summer… Hasn’t stopped raining all morning. At least the car is getting all the salt washed off it.
Mini waves in Sydney today – 1 foot, Bondi was pretty much flat as it’s a NE swell (missing the south facing Bondi). Good day to get some work done. Here are some images from the glorious Mentawai Islands to keep you going in between sets.
Winds are going to hooowwl this afternoon. Expect up to 35 knot gales from the NE. Batten down the hatches. The good thing is that all this wind will produce some 3 footers for tomorrow at exposed beaches.
In the meantime, get your Christmas shopping done. Here are some suggestions:

Of course number 1 would be to drop by the new Aquabumps Gallery at 151 Curlewis Street, Bondi and pick up a framed print of Bondi. We have hundreds of prints to choose from (seeing the new gallery is massive). Open all weekend 10am to 6pm…
Surfection Mosman is having a board sale – a little fish for $495 brand new is a good deal. 522 Military Road Mosman call 9969 1011
SHURE sound isolating earphones for your ipod. These are great on planes as they remove the droning sounds of the engines – making you feel better when you get off.
Long sleeve Rip Curl E BOMB vest – they’re incredible, an essential for summer. The material is so soft it feels like you’re wearing nothing. Can get them at Rip Curl Bondi on Campbell Parade.
Muchacho Tees – local fella Andrew Cameron has put out a range of tees made locally, inspired his travels in South America. Order online or contact 0404 557 510
Springcourt Shoes – they’re hot. They just are. Get them at 113A Commonwealth Street Surry Hills t: 9281 8806

Have a great weekend.

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The rain is bucketing down this morning and the beach is deserted. Scrappy 2 foot mush on offer down at Bondi – not really worth a surf. Raining tomorrow as well.
Didn’t get any decent shots this morning so I dug through the archives from recent trip to Fiji – where the skies are blue, the warm is ridiculously warm and clear. Gettin’ itchy feet just thinking about it.
PS – here is some Aquatic gift ideas for xmas (

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early change

At 6am there were small waves at Bondi, 1-2 foot, clean. At 7am the south change hit smashing the delicate NE swell which had been building overnight. By 8am it was a onshore mess so the early risers scored the best waves of the day.
The swell was NE so Bondi isn’t your best bet – head down to The Bra and there would have been something to ride.
Peter Evans Chef
North Bondi culinary master Pete Evans (of Hugos fame) has put out his new book just in time for christmas – MY TABLE. Order Signed Copy Online
Ocean, Art & Music is a celebration of all things wave and water inspired. Soundwaves is bringing the laid back beats of King Tide, The Sniffer Dogs and Dubbly to Bondi on December 11th 2008 (starts 6pm).
This year’s event will also include a one-night only exhibition of art and photography from talented artists – Ozzie Wright, Trent Mitchell, Stephen Evans and some Aquabumps honk blah blah. It’s going to be held at Sahnia Restaurant & Bar (106 Campbell Parade, Bondi Beach) – the Old Liberty Lunch near Bite Me. All Soundwaves profits are donated to SurfAid. Tickets are available at the door for $15 or presale for $10. For further ticketing/event information, contact Christian (0424 810 619).

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Cracker summer’s morning with tiny 1-2 footers. Even if small waves aren’t your thing, a spectacular morning to be down the beach.
The Bondi shoreline was a hive of activity whilst the surf was pretty disappointing. Might be a good idea to get used to it – cause there isn’t much swell inbound. For the next 7 days there isn’t anything significant to write about in the surf department.
Maybe a good opportunity to check out the Miss Bondi heat 2 photos from the weekend.

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We finish the week on a flat note. Waves are 1 foot and a beginners dream run. Swell looks to be from the east, winds from the north, balmy 29 degrees forecasted.
The forecast for the next 7 days is do your Christmas shopping. There are no waves on the radar.
The talk of the street is all about Monday and those surprise tubes. Was the morning better than the evening. Who got 3 tubes on one wave. Best ever?
Last Orders
The Aquabumps Gallery, 98 Brighton Boulevard is taking its last orders this weekend for xmas presents. Come in 10am to 4pm Sat or Sun and you can do all your shopping in the one joint. Save yourself some time and just order online
Bondi Girl Surfriders and Bondi FM Wax On Summer Launch Party 08 this Saturday night. Details
The lost art of ‘Beachobatics’
Great exhibition on at the state library of NSW – George Caddy, a photographer from the 1930s who shot ‘beachobatics’ down at Bondi. These photos have been recently discovered and show how they used to entertain themselves down the beach 70 years ago. view photos online

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mixed bag

These violent south changes are quite special. Last night if you were down the beach around 7pm it transformed for a dreamy glassy summers day into a rage of southerly fury. This change produced swell for this morning (2-3 footers), but the ocean hasn’t recovered from recent agitation – so it’s very messy. Amongst the wind choppers, I saw the odd rideable wave – not motivating enough for most people as it was relatively deserted down there.
The outlook is not looking that great. A smaller E swell will produce 1-2 footers – NE winds. Northerly winds mean good weather coming though. 29 on Friday and 28 on Saturday. Hit the beach.
Wakeboarding thru Venice
How’s this daring Dutchman, Duncan Zuur, 34, carving his way between historical buildings in Venice earlier this week. See picture below. That’s something different.

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The memories of those Monday piping joys are fading to this flatness. Today the waves are tiny. I’m talkin’ too small for even the smallest of groms. Of course there is still a crew of people out enjoying a stunning morning of stillness and unusual cloud formations.
Checking the swell charts brings little relief. Thursday 1 ft, Friday 1ft maybe 2, sat 1.5ft, Sunday 1.7 Foot, and I might have been generous. Time to start the Christmas shopping – speaking of which – Rip Curl Bondi & Bondi Surf Co are giving Aquabumps readers 20% OFF storewide. (ok not including boards). Valid from today until Sunday 7th Dec. Just print this page out and take it in with you. Ripcurl Bondi 82 Campbell Pde Bondi Beach or 72-76 Campbell Pde Bondi Beach.
Bondi Girls Surf Riders and Bondi FM are putting a party on at the Bondi Pavilion. $20 tix, starts at 7:30pm to 1am – more info

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Shows Over

Oh my, yesterday was a phenomenal day of surfing @ Bondi.
On dark, before the violent south change, Bondi was puttin’ on its best. Milky glass pipes entertained an eager crew. Unfortunately the shows over as today fades into near flatness – rapidly. This morning there was the odd set wave around 3 foot but it looked quite messy and unsettled after a howling southerly. Not a patch on the pipes from yesterday.
I am going to call yesterday one of the best days I’ve seen down at Bondi. Big words I know…it really didn’t look like Bondi…for the rest of the week there isn’t anything happening. 1- 2 foot dribblers. Back on the tools.
Miss Bondi 2008
On Sunday at the beach road hotel Heat 1 in the search for Bondi’s 1st lady. You’ll notice some changes to this years event. Click here to view photos.

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Tunnel Vision

It’s not often we get barrels down at Bondi. If we do its more of a head dip into a ball of froth. I see heaps of dudes claiming ’em. Today there were barrels. Good ones. Real ones. Meaty ones. Barrells that kind looked like they were from somewhere else.
The south swell that arrived yesterday peaked last night and is now on the decline. This morning was probably the best of it as the swell drops from lunchtime onwards and the northerly winds will blow 20 knots (that’ll ruffle it up a bit). Even if you’re not surfing it’s a salubrious beach day with a banging 31 degrees. Monday is the best day down Bondi way, few people around. Ahhh yes…
Those art creeps up at Seasurfboards are puttin’ on a Christmas show called Xmasea. All miniature works (6X6”) and all $100 each. Some big names on the bill…David Carson, Paul McNeil, Ben Brown, Campbell from MC, Dashenka, Kanos Skennar, Ozzie Wrong, Bob McTavish. Head to 4/1 Acacia Street Byron Bay
New wheels
Local surfer and good bloke Gid has brought out his new range of shoes. I wear them every day, they’re of good design stock and I don’t require laces…oh, and you can chuck em in the washing machine when the stench starts to peel the paint off your bedroom walls. Last time we put in a mention in Aquabumps for Gideon (2 years ago) he had 2000 new customers….he’s been busy restocking and at $39 a pair they hot value. $5 of that goes to charity and they ethically manufactured. Get ’em at General Pants or his online store

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