He's at it again, Jono layback grinds

Shows Over

Oh my, yesterday was a phenomenal day of surfing @ Bondi.

On dark, before the violent south change, Bondi was puttin’ on its best. Milky glass pipes entertained an eager crew. Unfortunately the shows over as today fades into near flatness – rapidly. This morning there was the odd set wave around 3 foot but it looked quite messy and unsettled after a howling southerly. Not a patch on the pipes from yesterday.

I am going to call yesterday one of the best days I’ve seen down at Bondi. Big words I know…it really didn’t look like Bondi…for the rest of the week there isn’t anything happening. 1- 2 foot dribblers. Back on the tools.

Miss Bondi 2008

On Sunday at the beach road hotel Heat 1 in the search for Bondi’s 1st lady. You’ll notice some changes to this years event. Click here to view photos.

Swimmercam - Water temps are decent go for a swim

Ducking to find 'em. They were there last night

Twin Set.

Winners of heat 1

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