Passed out. Didn't even move all morning.

Silly Season

It’s that time of year again where Bondi is under a siege with drunken travellers. Monday mornings are always interesting early..the bushes in the south end are rustling, stark white geezers wrestle amongst the shore break in their undies, whilst a lone soccer-jersey wearing fella is out-cold-face down in the sand – not even twitchin’ with the morning exercisers. Ahhhh yes, silly season is upon us and the Bunga Bar is going to be pumping later tonight.

There were a few sneaky little waves down at Bondi today. This SE swell (@8.1 seconds) is producing the odd 2-3 footer whilst being groomed by a NE wind that is due to increase in strength later today (20-25 knots). This swell will decline further and tomorrow will be tiny.

If you’re on holidays already, have a great day down the beach ::uge

Bit of sand still in the corner

Still going from the night before

Photographer Greg Nagel enjoying the summer's morning

Sol on turbo through the shore break

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