Best one in years - 26th Aug 2008

The Final for 2008

It’s hard to believe another year has crept on by. 2008 was a blur. 2009 will mark 10 years of these Aquabumps daily updates. What started out as a photo email flicked to a few of my mates has grown to 30,000 loyal subscribers all over the globe. Who would have thought…Some subscribers have been on this list for 10 years…you poor souls, havin’ to read my rambles with diabolical grammar and typos. (hey I never said I could write – photos are my game).

There are many people to thank that make this site free & independent. Here are just a few – thanks to : Kelvin Khoo the sysadmin IT genius, Zac Zavos + Ab + Stephen Merriman + Chris Jones who worked on the new version of the Aquabumps website. Mad dog + JV + Ness + Damion Fuller – the board of directors who are still waiting they annual cheques. Debs who has to listen to my new ideas for Aquabumps – daily – and goes out to bat for Aquabumps in deal land. Mikala Wilbow – Aquabump’s full time gallery manager, Jo + Ness Sheeds + Christian who also work in the gallery. Mischee for keeping me out of the books – numbers ain’t my thing either. Jay Neely for pushing me to open more galleries…bigger ones. Canon (Chris Macleod)…oh yes Canon…for making those marvellous little cameras that I use daily. All the advertisers who help me chip away at that massive hosting bill. Andy Cliffe for designing the new gallery, Greg Alderman for building it with Peter Buruma, Geoff from Jands…oh and all the swimmer cams for being good sports. THANKS. And thanks to the readers…all 30,000 of you honks – wherever you are.

The Best of 2008

Best one in years - 26th Aug 2008 26th August 2008 – Best Sunrise We had the best sunrise we’ve had in years on 26th August which I captured on panormaic film – not digi – so before you start asking about pink filters and Photoshop fancy dance work – there were none. Just a very old camera and the old way – view report
7th November 2008Best Swimmercam
20,000 people checked out these shots of Ashley in a few weeks. That’s a lot. My inbox was full of comments as well…no you can’t have her number.
Jan 2 2008Best New Gallery Shot
After a cyclone in QLD, the North Coast of NSW lit up with waves. This mean shorey is the best addition to the gallery lineup.
April 2008 – Best Tube International
This perfectly formed Mentawai tube threw so wide and clean. it was about 6 foot – but just a perfect one. Surfer Murray Jacob from WA
1st Dec Bondi – Best local wave -Jono
The best day I’ve ever seen at Bondi. Stories of 3 barrels per wave. That supabank was a freak and lets hope it comes back soon. view report

We’re Still Open

We’re still open in the new Aquabumps Gallery for your Christmas gifts. Come to 151 Curlewis Street, Bondi Beach from 10am to 7pm today or tomorrow. Telephone 9130 7788. We’ve got plenty of frames made up ready to go.

Merry Christmas and have a good New Year. We’re back online around the 14th Jan :: uge

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