Frothy cave from the Monday's joy

mixed bag

These violent south changes are quite special. Last night if you were down the beach around 7pm it transformed for a dreamy glassy summers day into a rage of southerly fury. This change produced swell for this morning (2-3 footers), but the ocean hasn’t recovered from recent agitation – so it’s very messy. Amongst the wind choppers, I saw the odd rideable wave – not motivating enough for most people as it was relatively deserted down there.

The outlook is not looking that great. A smaller E swell will produce 1-2 footers – NE winds. Northerly winds mean good weather coming though. 29 on Friday and 28 on Saturday. Hit the beach.

Wakeboarding thru Venice

How’s this daring Dutchman, Duncan Zuur, 34, carving his way between historical buildings in Venice earlier this week. See picture below. That’s something different.

Duncan Zuur wakeboarding the canals of venice

Onshore but still surfable

wobbly walls

Lone cave

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