Oh boy, look at that wall to flaunt a turn on


Today is the last day of spring and the beach was fully loaded this morning. I mean, what beach in the world has traffic jams at 5:45am? Seriously! In Paris, you don’t see humans until at least 8:30am. In Italy, they think you’re still out from the night before if you see the sunrise.
At first, I thought the waves were gone, but then I saw a few inside 2 foot runners of good shape. Out the back looks pretty crappy, but some of the reforms were the go with the incoming tide. If all that means nothing to you – go for a swim – it’s really nice.
You may have noticed that the Royal Croquet Club has arrived at Bondi Beach. It’s in the park next to the kid’s playground right near the sand. It’s FREE entry or $20 per head after 6pm Friday and Saturday night. Drinks, food, entertainment, and even croquet!
Deus will have its Sea Container on site from Thursday, 1 December until Sunday, 4 December. Deus’ in-house shaper, Jye Byrns, will be taking up residence in the Sea Container, handcrafting a couple of his Bonzer and Single Fin signature shapes…
Ciao ciao :: ugio

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Morning tones of Bondi 5:45am


After a steamy night, we have refreshing southerlies to cool us down. Sticky night, wasn’t it? The southerlies have roughed up the ocean, and those 3-4 foot treats from yesterday have now gone below par. In fact, the rest of the week looks very small and not good at all. Party’s over people! We had a good run.
Things you need to know:
It’s gonna be a hot one on Friday (33)
15 year old, Ned, from North Bondi Surf Club, is going to swim the English Channel, solo. He will be the youngest Australian male to swim the English Channel. To support the young fella on his 33km swim, North Bondi SLSC are hosting a fundraiser cocktail party Tuesday, December 6th from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM
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:: yooj

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Hesitant couple, Bondi 7am


Hey…how’s the weekend? This week has kicked off with plenty of swell, hazy skies, and some crazy birds. I did a little swell-stalk between Bronte and Bondi and found some surfable waves in the head high and above range. Bondi was shutting down, straight as. Bronte had the odd fat set on the reef – looked kinda lacking.
I hope you follow us on Instagram. I’ve been posting up little videos from around the traps. Yesterday’s video from The Pass (Byron) was a popular one.
In Australia, we are all property mad. It’s in our DNA. Sometimes it seems completely unreachable to own a pad, especially around Bondi. We came across BrickX which is a property investment company that allows you to buy a ‘Brick’ in a property of your choice so you can get a piece of the action without drowning in debt. 2 minutes ago I just bought a brick in a house out west. I’m now a westie! Check out BrickX
:: uge

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Josh Constable, a world champ longerboarder, in Bondi today


Today I had the pleasure of spending some time in the brine with Josh Constable. Josh is a fine human, great surfer and ex-world longboarding champ. He’s in town launching a new range of boards called the Creative Army which look the goods.
Bondi had some waves as the swell switched to south. The weed and banks aren’t great, but you can get wet. A lot cooler on the land today as well.
The swell will come right up today. I would expect to see some chunky 4-5 footers by sundown. In fact, the next 4-5 days look to be totally surfable, enjoy it.
:: uge

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Blake Thornton connecting nicely on a north wind swell

Grey Suits

The shark alarm cleared North Maroubra this morning around 6am. Rumor has it, there is a friendly shark looking for a few mates in the lineup. He’s been around all week the local boys tell me. Do you get out when you hear the alarm? Comment here.
With a new north wind swell, there are a few waves today. It’s 2 foot with a few wedgey ramps at The Bra. Nothing special. I wouldn’t tools down and bake it down there.
It’s gonna get hot today, 33-degree-hot. Typical of Sydney, thunderstorms will arrive around 4pmish to cool things down. Still should be pleasant for your after work swim.
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Ciao, uge

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Bronte Pool, Lifeguards leap!

Bronte Pool

Bronte Pool has been resurrected from the violent June storms. Gates are open! (Insert crowd going wild). It was a very busy morning, everywhere. I guess everyone knew it was going to be a balmy morning after that sticky 26-degree night. I never sleep on those hot nights, do you?
The swell is on the decline and you will find wave heights around shoulder-high. Bondi is totally closing out and packed. Bronte didn’t have much either. A good one just for a swim and chill on a rock.
It’s 30 degrees right now – that’s exciting.
:: uge

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Backwash, BOOM!

Backwash Riot

Top morning. One of those special ones where the air and water were sooooooo warm, you just can’t get out. If you came down, you would know what I mean.
Waves. yes! Plenty of swell but Bondi was mainly closing out. Sets were head high. The backwash was full-on, water surging up onto a shallow sand bar then – BOOM!
Cloudy and warm today. Should get close to 30 degrees around 2pm.
Have a very productive week.
:: uge

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Go swim, it's good!


She’s gonna hit 33 freakin’ degrees today. How YOU doing. It’s only 28 now as I tap this out, but 33 is gonna cook it.
Can I suggest an early knock off from work and an invigorating dip in the ocean on sunset? I’m gonna.
Surfing conditions are less exciting with a massive drop in swell and bay full of weed. You’ll find a wave around waist high, maybe chesty, but that’s it. Oh, and it’s packed in the lineup.
It will be busy around Bondi this weekend with half decent weather. I invite you to drop into the Aquabumps Gallery which is a stone’s throw from the shoreline. We’d loved to see you! 151 Curlewis Street Bondi Beach Telephone 02 9130 7788 Check out our collection from Italy
Adios :: ugios

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Looks like the pot of gold is at the Aquabumps Gallery

El Junkie

Edition 4,656 of Aquabumps morning glory. Bondi Beach, 2-3 foot and a tad on the junkie side. Surfable yes, awesome, not really.
Today started with some light rain. That didn’t discourage a few thousand people from hitting Bondi at sunrise. Fitness classes everywhere, walkers, talkers and mad keen surfers buzzing around. Tomorrow morning will be warm and nice, so book that one in for a visit.
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:: uge

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Full moon on Bondi Hotel x8_5329

Lunar Burn

Good morning to the good people of Aquabumps. Today has all the right ingredients, clear skies, warm air and light winds. It’s a good day to have off, middle of the week, go chill down the beach.  Stuff like that…
32 banging degrees on Friday – now that’s another day you should have off.
Benny’s boardroom, a website that has curated essentials for the urban adventurer, is offering Aquabumps readers a deal on his site, take 20% off. Use this code on his website (not ours) ‘AQUABUMPS20%2016’. I repeat on Benny’s website, not Aquabumps. Take a look now.
Short one today, :: uge

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The super moon was super bright last night.

Moon Swell

Aroooooo! We had a big bright moon last night and loads of people came to Bondi to witness it. To me, it kinda looked the same as it always does, even being 50,000 clicks closer to Bondi. OK, it was just a little brighter and you could see more detail on the surface.
The good news is that the supermoon brought a supermoon swell with it. 4 footers out there right now. The lineup was empty and random peaks had some grunt for a change. It’s not perfect, a tad junkie, but surfable.
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Ciao ::uge

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Icebergs, rain clouds coming...


Rain, it’s coming. Those morning clouds are telling. You will get wet around 7pm tonight, other than that, it will be a cooler partly cloudy day around Sydney.
Swell – nope, nada, flat. It’s so tiny it’s not worth writing about.
Tomorrow – swell will return and be kinda solid. It’s a south swell and should be well over head high.
I recently purchased the kids and wifie a couple of soft boards for summer. I figure if they have all the gear they will get the idea (and not take up other sports like moto-cross). Perfect for those crumbly safe runners at North Bondi. Get a softie
:: uge

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#WOTD wave of the day, f'sure

A brand new day…

We have a new American president AND a new swell in town. I know which one I prefer. Who’d thought?
wow? WOW!
Amazingly the sun still rose today, the world hasn’t ended and we have decent waves to surf. Bondi was super fun with head high sets and running lefts. It did seem very, very quiet down the beach. Is everyone glued to their TV screens watching the Trump-a-rama?
Business as usual…
As you were…
:: uge

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Bondi Beach at sunrise this morning


We’ve got a weed problem in Bondi. It’s everywhere. It’s pretty serious. A fresh batch has rocked up and has taken over the joint (excuse the pun)! Some people love getting on the weed, I’m not that keen, I find it slows me down…sometimes holds me under. Stinks too.
Waves – gone. From 4-5 foot to 2 foot overnight. There was a playful tiny rip bowl putting on some lip…it’s a nice morning, so plenty came out to party.
The rest of the day will remain cloudy and finally rain at 9:05pm tonight. Expect baking hot, beach conditions on the weekend. (31)
Ciao :: ugio

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Mid Bondi runaway...


The swell went from flat to thumping over the weekend. It’s still here…and thriving. South facing Bondi was up to her old tricks, breaking straight…closing out.
It’s dropping off tonight, so we will return to smaller waves in the morning.
I trust you’re enjoying the salubrious 27-degree day.
Like yesterday, another big south swell is due this Sunday. Bingo!
:: uge

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That's Pama dropping wallets and tearing the bag

Warm Peaks

We’ve had a good run of summery small waves in Sydney lately. I don’t know about you, but I’ve surfed nearly every day for 2 weeks. I’ll surf anything I can get really but I’m having a good time! Today – 2 foot, maybe a bigger set around head high. Clean morning with perfectly clear skies and a top of 27 degrees today. A good time to be in Sydney!
It’s only 50 days until Christmas. Should you require any custom made artworks from our gallery you’ll need to get onto it. We hand make all our artworks 1 by 1…in Sydney. Allow 2-3 weeks to create artwork plus shipping. We ship all over the globe. No steak knives. Here is a selection of what I reckon looks good on the wall.
:: uge

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Green trimmings, Bondi Beach

Low Expectations

It’s always good heading down the beach with low expectations and getting a little surprise. Today the swell pulsed – contradicting the 1.3 foot forecast. I saw a set around 6:20am that was definitely over head high…it spun off into the south corner like a freight train. I frothed. I didn’t see too many more like that set, but definitely something fun to ride.
It’s an immaculate spring day with clear skies and 24 degrees. The grom squad were out in force.
Get wet!
:: uge

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Loggers paradise

Giddy Up

Looking for some fun, peaky, 2 footers? Say no more. This morning was for you! Swell came up you’d arvo and put on some pleasant (not pumping) surf conditions. Swell is SSE and winds are WSW – good combo.
Unfortunately, the swell is on the decline – but you’ll be at your Melbourne Cup lunches getting wobbly anyway.
My pick for this year, again, of course, has to be, without doubt…horse No.4 at 10-1 odds BONDI BEACH. Come on you little ripper. Bring home that bacon. Oceanographer sounds pretty good too, but I am just going off names and neglecting whether the pony can run or not.
Best of luck, :: uge

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