The swell went from flat to thumping over the weekend. It’s still here…and thriving. South facing Bondi was up to her old tricks, breaking straight…closing out.

It’s dropping off tonight, so we will return to smaller waves in the morning.

I trust you’re enjoying the salubrious 27-degree day.

Like yesterday, another big south swell is due this Sunday. Bingo!

:: uge

Layered lefts, Bondi Beach


3 dudes and a whole lotta white water


The shark boat and mates


Sunrise sets, Bondi


Chris Little, pole dancing


9 thoughts on “Straighties…

      1. Thanks for your lovely emails and gorgeous images. A former Bondi gal, I’m now living in the Hunter Valley and love opening up your newsletters and seeing my old stomping ground in all its watery glory. 🙂

  1. Can’t believe people complain about getting something for FREE..!!!

    Love the new Look & Feel Uges….Very Stylish…!!!!

    For those still confused…have another coffee and find the joy of exploration.

  2. Love the new site fella. Clean and crisp and in line with the gallery, nice job.

    Personally I’m pretty sure I can muster the strength in my finger for an extra click to see the days report.

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