Hey…how’s the weekend? This week has kicked off with plenty of swell, hazy skies, and some crazy birds. I did a little swell-stalk between Bronte and Bondi and found some surfable waves in the head high and above range. Bondi was shutting down, straight as. Bronte had the odd fat set on the reef – looked kinda lacking.

I hope you follow us on Instagram. I’ve been posting up little videos from around the traps. Yesterday’s video from The Pass (Byron) was a popular one.

In Australia, we are all property mad. It’s in our DNA. Sometimes it seems completely unreachable to own a pad, especially around Bondi. We came across BrickX which is a property investment company that allows you to buy a ‘Brick’ in a property of your choice so you can get a piece of the action without drowning in debt. 2 minutes ago I just bought a brick in a house out west. I’m now a westie! Check out BrickX

:: uge

After biting off a car antenna, this guy stormed over to me


Bronte pool floaters


Over head high this morning - bingo


There's always one in the crowd


4 thoughts on “Brickies

  1. Love the emails, takes me out of the office, if only for a few minutes, thanks! Just a quick comment on the BrickX paragraph, you might want to be careful that people don’t take this as a recommendation to purchase this financial product, in this day & age they use any excuse to sue someone else if there decisions turn sour. Maybe a disclaimer might help, just a thought. Cheers, Andrew

      1. Then again, people could do worse than listening to Uge. The guy is living the dream! while the rest of us plebs are grinding it out…. so any nags you like running up at sunshine coast this week Uge? 🙂

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