Low Tide Greens Icebergs Bondi 6th April 2016

Two Thousand and Sixteen

I elected not to shoot this morning and take the kids for a roll in the sand. There’s a nemesis shark in the bay at Bondi anyway. I’m pretty sure this is the last Aquabumps post for 2016 and now I am gonna vanish, go offline, and hide for the festive season. Just for a few weeks, y’know, and spend time with the family, catch waves and have long arvo kips without a computer or camera in sight.
Today’s images are some of my favourites from the year…
Merry Christmas to you and your family. All the best for 2017. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being a loyal reader of my little humble blog/daily email. Some of you have been reading Aquabumps for over 10 years, some have been with me for 17 years! We’re family!
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Special thanks to our major sponsors for 2016:

Air New Zealand

Thanks for your support O’Neill Wetsuits + Aquatech Waterhousings. More special thanks to the Aquabumps team which is forever growing and enables me to wander around the world shooting whilst they run the main engine of Aquabumps. BB, Tyson, Ang, Cat, Rachee, Kylee, Marnie, Gem, Emma, Luisa, Cam, Kelvin, and Magic Mike.
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@mynameisLK new paint on the promenade at Bondi


My first appraisal of the surf conditions came back with a poor result. It looked onshore, small and random. The beach was very quiet and I started to peel away from the shoreline to take ‘interesting’ photos of letterboxes in Bondi. I was kinda desperate.
I took a look an hour or so later and noticed some fun rights marching in. It got better!  These are the sessions that fall through the cracks – that go unnoticed. It’s 2-3 foot and fun.
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Landing pad? Protest? Art? Bondi


Hi. Hello. Hey.
The swell is limping in as yesterday’s bumps have dissipated. Time to pop down for a swim as the sun is baking and she’s warm, real warm. It’s gonna rain later today. Kinda like it did last night.
The Festive season is kicking in. Lots of people starting to peel off from work and kick back. School kids are now off, and the skatepark is filling up.
Order our new book here, we will Express Next Day Post it to you ASAP in time for Chrissy… (Aussie customers).

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Sage, frontside lip tickles

Top Gear

T’was a busy one this morning. The sun came out, the surf cleaned up and at 5:30 am the insomniacs filled the beach. It was 3-4 foot at Bondi, but unfortunately, a vast majority of waves are closing out. Maybe it will improve on the high tide? Maybe…
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The Pipeline Masters is on right now. I just saw a 19-year-old Kanoa just nail Jordy Smith on Backdoor. Finals happening, watch.
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Bondi, last Saturday, just a few people around...


If you’ve got a copy of my latest book, and read the intro, you’ll hear me banging on about the Bondi contrasts…how the beach can be rammed with 30,000 beach goers, then the next morning it’s deserted with just a few locals doing their morning rituals.
Today is all quiet, after a big weekend. It’s about 3-4 foot too. This week before Christmas is my fave. The streets are dead, there are parking spaces galore…everyone is heading off to their Christmas destinations. Ah yes, lap it up. But it all comes back for NYE where Bondi steps up into hyperdrive. Where the beach goes mental and every grain of sand is taken.
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Peppermint Fresh Aquabumps r9a9351

2016’s Catch

I have an unwritten obligation to you, our loyal readers, to come up with something interesting for you to look at every week-day morning. I too sat in a cubicle, once upon a time, in the big bad city, dreaming of places I’d rather be. I get it. A little 2-minute aquatic distraction goes a long way.
Today I choose to entertain you with some of my favourite images shot this year. No, this is not my last post for 2016, but look out the windows…the weather is pretty feral and I’m tucked up in front of two 27 inch screens.
All these images are available as framed prints (Don’t you know it!). Order any of these prints before the weekend and we can get it ready for Christmas (Pick up from Bondi Gallery only). Call us 02 9130 7788 if you have any questions or hit the live chat on our site. We’re here to help.
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Mick Eugene Fanning

MF in BW

Mick Fanning, dubbed the fastest man that has ever set foot on a surfboard, came to Sydney on this salubrious, grey, onshore, wintery morning. The waves are VERY junkie…but at least there is something to surf. Mick’s taken a year off after 15 years on the pro surfing tour grind. I asked him if he misses the tour “Nah not really – loving the time off” he told me with a big smile.
Mick’s been working on some interesting projects, mostly in the cold climates of Norway and Alaska…oh…and chilling out on the Goldie. He’s not going over to Hawaii for the comp which just kicked off, he’ll go when it’s all quiet in the new year and sneak under the radar.
Talking competitive surfing, did you know your local Bondi Boardriders are having a great run on the nudie Australian Boardriders Battle Series? Last weekend, spearheaded by Perth Standlick and Chris Friend, Bondi Boardriders consistently claimed heat wins over the Teams, Skins and Girls divisions to take out event 7 of the Aussie Boardriders Series. The big event is 17-19 Feb in Newcastle and the local boys will be gunning for the win. Read on
By now you would know I am going to write something about buying Christmas presents…here it is. We have our latest book, The Bondi Book (which I am super proud of), and is only 50 bucks, ready to ship…right here, right now. Order online and we will post it ASAP (pronto).
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Bondi curls, fun! 7am


My favourite possession at the moment is my bedroom air-cond. I run hot on a normal day. If we get hot muggy Sydney nights, I don’t sleep a wink. My insomnia takes over. Last night was the 2nd warmest Sydney night on record hitting 27.5 degrees.  Steamy wasn’t it? I chilled my cryogenic chamber and dreamed of shooting Pipeline at 8 to 10.
Upon arrival at the beach, refreshed from my deep sleep, I was amazed at the early crowd. It was packed. The water was cold (yet invigorating) and the waves are not even worth discussing.
OK, CALLING LAST XMAS ORDERS! Order Aquabumps custom artwork from our gallery BEFORE THE WEEKEND, and you can come pick it up on 24th Dec (From Bondi). Capisce? (This is pick up only). Check out some of our best sellers
If you’ve clocked off for the year, and looking for cubicle distractions, check out New Zealand supermodel Rachel Hunter in the latest AirNZ’s in-flight safety video
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Bronte pool, morning rinse


It is a hot day huh? 36 degrees is the forecast and you could cook eggs on the tin roof of our Bondi gallery. The winds are ENE and the swell is nonexistent. It’s super tiny. Don’t matter, go for a swim. It’s cold though after all that NE wind.
I know you’re busy, so I will be brief. Swell should increase a little and be surfable by nightfall (better at East facing beaches which is not Bondi). There is a big moon tonight and clear skies (we hope).
We did a collaboration with the Blacklist crew and came up with a ‘Sea Love’ print. They’re in stock and ready to ship. Want one?(framed $300 or unframed $180 available right now)
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P.S. Perigee – the point in the orbit of the moon or a satellite at which it is nearest to the earth.

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Local school teacher, Scott Walker putting on a clinic at Bondi this morning


I hope you’re all in a much better mood today seeing we’ve had swell for 3 days. Have you surfed? Today’s smaller, but still very fun. Multiple Bondi banks providing small morning runners. A board with plenty of foam would be the right choice.
Facts about today:

Sunny and 25 degrees
The wind will blow 25 knots of NE tonight (that’s quite strong)
NE swells for most of this week, they don’t suit Bondi
12 days to Christmas, wow, we can help you with gifts where ever you are. Small gift ideas (ready to ship today)

We’ve recently made a film in Margaret River featuring big wave maniac Damon Eastaugh and the recently retired CT surfer Taj Burrow. I learned to surf down there and miss it. God’s country.  Take a look
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Tamarama Rock swirls, yesterday


Everyone’s a little bit cranky due to the lack of waves. It’s been a while since we’ve really had something decent to ride, I know, I get it…breathe. Breathe. Breathe!
Today’s ridiculously flat, welcome to Lake Bondi. It’s not often that the most die-hard beginners aren’t surfing Bondi.
Glass half full – it’s been nice and sunny, especially yesterday with sensational blue hues. Windy as hell, but still nice. Last’s night’s storms were really something. I didn’t get any shots as we were deep in our staff Christmas Party celebrations, see storm phone footage from @racheldray (one of our staff).
So, you’re all panicking about your Chrissy shopping. We can help. We are still taking artwork orders that will be ready in time for Xmas. See deadlines. Call us on 02 9130 7788 or view our online catalogue, and there’s about 6 of us on live chat ready to help you.
New Year’s Day – got plans? The Surf Lodge (Montauk) is hosting a party at Watson’s Bay Hotel on Jan 1 2017.  Get tix
Ciao ciao,
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Andrew, mal session


It’s surfable but definitely not pumping. It could get better as this brand new NE swell builds during the day. The wind, however, is going to howl 25-30 knots at 5pm today. Hide the Sulo bins, strap on the bbq cover – she’s gonna blow!
Finally, after the recent swell drought, I have some nourishing south swell to talk about. The weekend we will have some, yes, some. 3-4 foot so that should quench your surf fix and put you in a better mood.
Happy Chrissy shopping! If you are looking for quick gifts, we have plenty and they’re ready to go. See here
Or, if you were every wondering how Aquabumps was formed, see our new timeline
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Droping in on the placky, Bondi 6:30am


Good morning!
I want to say it’s pumping, 3-4 foot, offshore crystal blue cylinders. I want to… But for a report like that, I need to be over in Hawaii right now.  (FOMO) Sydney is having a rough week for surfers, it’s a diabolical 1-foot dribble. Fortunately tomorrow afternoon there should be something to surf (NE swell). Until then keep the boards itching in their covers.
Weather: patchy rain and 25 today. Tomorrow, hot, 31 and definitely a beach day.
No, you’re not too late to order artwork from our gallery in time for Chrissy. View Christmas Order Deadlines . If you order framed artworks today it will be ready for pick up from our Bondi gallery around the 20th December. Unframed prints are much faster and we have books and gift cards ready to ship right this minute. Call us 02 9130 7788 if you can’t work out what to buy your loved ones. Browse some top sellers
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Many of you have been here, Capri's Fontelina

A mare…

Well, it wasn’t my most memorable morning down at Bondi. There’s definitely room for improvement. The waves are a dribbly foot, it’s semi onshore, raining and well – the beach is empty. I did get down there, 2 cameras in hand, ready for action. But my inspiration blew away in the first rain squall.
I have a better idea, let’s go back to Italy, 35 baking degrees, you’ve just finished an exquisite seafood meal and lazy out on a rock…no waves, I know, but still enjoyable. I never thought I would say those words.
Have a great day, get some work done.
:: uge

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Ski races, training, Bondi

The Challenge

“Don’t put up those bloody Hawaii shots! We want Bondi…”
That’s how my morning started. The challenge was laid down in front of me as an avid reader piped up across the dog park. I had to try and make something interesting from the mundane.
Bondi was a very bland flavour of grey this morning. It rained around 6am too.
The beach was empty.
1 guy out on his foamie (who actually didn’t catch anything whilst I was visiting the shoreline).
Another dude was singing, like a rock star, still in his clothes from the night before, I could smell the stench of bourbon downwind.
Good old Bondi…it can be so damn shiny one day, and ghetto the next. I’ll ‘fess, I do enjoy these quiet down days that fall in the cracks.
:: uge

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Nice work ladies, Bondi Beach 7am


Friday’s are always fun around here, especially in summer when it’s hot. We had a muggy morning with 1-2 footers that were OK on the incoming tide, but they have since been extinguished. Maybe again on the low, the rip bowl wave machine will turn back on for the loggers? Other than that – it’s a great day to work on your sun tans.
Swell forecast for 7 days, small, small and a bit smaller. Go buy a log.
Yesterday we launched our latest creation, THE BONDI BOOK, which features years of my work, all designed by legend Ant Donovan (probably one of the best in the game). If you’re reading this far, I reckon you will be into it and it’s only 50 bucks. Buy (we also have them in our Bondi Gallery ready to go)
Ends :: uge

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Luke Farquhar, punting at Bondi 7am

Rip-able Bowls

From the beach, the surf conditions looked very boring. I took all the time in the world to get down there (a tad uninspired with 1-2 footers and flat light). The tide seemed to push in around 6-thirts and a little rip bowl came to life – good timing! For its small size, it sure put out some lip (a bit like my son Spike). I doubt the rest of the day will have anything decent. It needs a super rip to charge it up.
I have something very exciting to announce. Listen up. Today we are launching a new book, my third book. This one is different. It’s JUST Bondi and it is called “THE BONDI BOOK“. It’s been years in the making. It’s small, convenient to carry (my other 2 books were enormous and heavy). Don’t be fooled by its size (265mm x 200m), as it packs a punch with 260 glossy photo-filled pages. It’s busting at the seams with Bondi…and I can’t wait for you to get a copy. The best thing is, as we self-publish, it’s only $50. Yep, 50-bucks. We will ship them globally and yes you will get it in time for Chrissy – even in London, NY. Order your copy now

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