A mare…

Well, it wasn’t my most memorable morning down at Bondi. There’s definitely room for improvement. The waves are a dribbly foot, it’s semi onshore, raining and well – the beach is empty. I did get down there, 2 cameras in hand, ready for action. But my inspiration blew away in the first rain squall.

I have a better idea, let’s go back to Italy, 35 baking degrees, you’ve just finished an exquisite seafood meal and lazy out on a rock…no waves, I know, but still enjoyable. I never thought I would say those words.

Have a great day, get some work done.

:: uge

It looked like this 40 years ago


Tight living, Italian style


Hey, come meet us, I'm under the green umbrella


Private: The Bondi Book


One fire, a favorite for a coldie


Conca Del Sogno


4 thoughts on “A mare…

  1. Awesome shots Uge! Who needs waves when you have that culture, style and beauty….clearly something John is lacking …

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