Everyone’s a little bit cranky due to the lack of waves. It’s been a while since we’ve really had something decent to ride, I know, I get it…breathe. Breathe. Breathe!

Today’s ridiculously flat, welcome to Lake Bondi. It’s not often that the most die-hard beginners aren’t surfing Bondi.

Glass half full – it’s been nice and sunny, especially yesterday with sensational blue hues. Windy as hell, but still nice. Last’s night’s storms were really something. I didn’t get any shots as we were deep in our staff Christmas Party celebrations, see storm phone footage from @racheldray (one of our staff).

So, you’re all panicking about your Chrissy shopping. We can help. We are still taking artwork orders that will be ready in time for Xmas. See deadlines. Call us on 02 9130 7788 or view our online catalogue, and there’s about 6 of us on live chat ready to help you.

New Year’s Day – got plans? The Surf Lodge (Montauk) is hosting a party at Watson’s Bay Hotel on Jan 1 2017.  Get tix

Ciao ciao,
:: uge

Tide pushing into one of Tama's rock pools


Sax and the Sax, banging out morning tunes


Tamarama looking very glamorous yesterday


Bondi living


Mackenzie's, local jewel


Private: The Bondi Book


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