Two Thousand and Sixteen

I elected not to shoot this morning and take the kids for a roll in the sand. There’s a nemesis shark in the bay at Bondi anyway. I’m pretty sure this is the last Aquabumps post for 2016 and now I am gonna vanish, go offline, and hide for the festive season. Just for a few weeks, y’know, and spend time with the family, catch waves and have long arvo kips without a computer or camera in sight.

Today’s images are some of my favourites from the year…

Merry Christmas to you and your family. All the best for 2017. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being a loyal reader of my little humble blog/daily email. Some of you have been reading Aquabumps for over 10 years, some have been with me for 17 years! We’re family!

If you’re totally stuck for Christmas shopping…We’ve got artwork ready to go and you’re only 3 clicks away from spending the rest of the day down the beach instead of shopping malls. I have my two most popular artworks in stock – 7 x ‘Whitey‘ Icebergs in Shadow Box – White Wood 128cm x 94cm and 4 x ‘Lone Swimmer‘ Bondi in Shadow Box – White Wood 128cm x 94cm READY TO GO, pull the car up, order ’em online and they’re yours. We have around 1,000 other artworks ready to go and we’re open 10-6 today and tomorrow (closed Xmas Day and Boxing). Call us 02 9130 7788 or visit 151 Curlewis Street Bondi Beach NSW.

Special thanks to our major sponsors for 2016:

  • Air New Zealand
  • Audi
  • Canon
  • Corona
  • Samsung

Thanks for your support O’Neill Wetsuits + Aquatech Waterhousings. More special thanks to the Aquabumps team which is forever growing and enables me to wander around the world shooting whilst they run the main engine of Aquabumps. BB, Tyson, Ang, Cat, Rachee, Kylee, Marnie, Gem, Emma, Luisa, Cam, Kelvin, and Magic Mike.

:: uge + debs + spike + jet

Bake-A-Thon Brazil Rio Aquabumps s1a3212


Highlight Blue Aquabumps cf006432


Droping in on the placky, Bondi 6:30am


Icebergs Roof Aquabumps dxl0001


Maroubra pastels


Vibes Bondi Beach r9a9877


Merry Christmas from The Tans photo: Jules Adams/Downtime Agenda


3 thoughts on “Two Thousand and Sixteen

  1. Thank you so much Eugene. Living in my isolation I so love your photos.and your blogs. I will visit gallery soon.ManybMany thanks.Best wishes.

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