Fruit in the trees


Sorry about disappearing on you like that. It’s schoolies, and we’re spending some time out of Bondi. Y’know, teach the groms to do reos and recharge. The weather has been volatile, sunny one minute, raining the next. The change of seasons is here. This weekend I will be talking at the Aperture Photography Conference in Sydney. […]

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My favourite kinda light, Bondi


This week’s south swell is actually hanging in there. Just. Waves are breaking in the 2-3 foot range and a grooming NW offshore is making for super clean conditions at Bondi. It’s still breaking very straight, shutting down, barely giving you an opportunity to get to your feet. Hell, it’s Friday with plenty of sunshine, […]

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Legs Eleven. Bondi doing a nice impersonation of the Bahamas

City Salt

I can remember when I started shooting Bondi daily (nearly 20 years ago), people would go “Why would you want to shoot Bondi every day…?” Take a look at the clarity of the water in the above shot, the colour of water…that’s why and it’s so close to an urban centre. How could I not? […]

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Nice colourful start to the day


Today was a pretty stock standard morning down at Bondi. We had some colour at sunrise, albeit brief. The onshore winds are persisting and are ruining your surfing options. Swell is from the south and showing 3-4 footers at Bondaka. Crowd levels low. It looks like the weather has finally reached Autumn levels; cooler mornings […]

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The neat fold over technique


Rain, what is that? Haven’t seen it around these parts for quite some time. After a dry windy weekend, your gardens are loving it. The great news is that the swell has jacked right up. A south swell with plenty of wonk and in the 3-4 range. Yesterday ended up being a cracker windless autumn […]

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Golden silk moments


A perfect Bondi morning with 1-2 footers and ultra-clean conditions. After a very windy weekend, we’ve now got a trickle of new south swell. It should get bigger as the day progresses. Head high by nightfall. Light winds all day. Get outside. :: uge

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Looking for a quiet wave? Nah not here.

Colour Run

We have had a fantastic run of golden light, every morning and evening this week. The weather just couldn’t get any better. It’s great to see huge crowds after work enjoying the fantastic Autumn conditions. The surf looks smaller and fat. I wasn’t that excited about it all… Go swim. In August I’m heading back […]

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I see the light, Bondi


On paper today had all the makings of a great surf day for Bondi. At first dawn inspection, it looked great. But the reality was something else. I blame the high tide of 5:33 am which put heaps of backwash and wonk into it. Most waves shut down, but there are still plenty of overhead […]

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Bubba has that look in his eyes, hunting sections


Game on. Before you drop everything and sprint away from your office desk, hear me out. Swell has cranked right up overnight and from the SE. Winds are perfectly offshore. It’s breaking in the 3-5 foot range, but it’s pretty hard work at Bondi, and very fickle with the tide. Lots of closeouts but some […]

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Minimalismo, Bondi


After a late cooling southerly we now have clouds and waves. A little bit of swell was kicked up overnight. I saw the odd shoulder high wave however it did appear a little weak, limping into the beach. Huge morning crowd out wishing we had yesterdays weather on repeat. Seeyouselater. :: uge

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Chris lining up a runner, Bondi


For kicks, today I swam out with my first ever lens – the Canon fisheye. I can’t believe I still have it after 20 years. It’s missing a few pieces but still, it works after 100,000s of frames shot and thousands of hours in the ocean. I can remember saving up for 12 months to buy […]

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The muscular physique of a renowned surf writer, Derekique Beach Grit Reilly

Muggy Dips

Another stunning Autumn day with sun, waves and warm water. I trust you’re enjoying it. It’s muggy but a treat. Go swim or surf. Over 19 years of pumping out these morning shots I’ve received some really touching emails, this one I just received was quite exceptional, so I thought I’d share: Hi Eugene, I […]

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Thursday, the cleanest pool day of the week

A Beach Day

Sunny, light winds, 27 degrees. Put the out of office on and hit the beach. Waves, yeah them too, saw a few waist to shoulder high sets. Plenty of crew skipping work for a paddle. We’ve currently raised $3,804.48 for SurfAid, our main charity here at Aquabumps. Our target this year is $20,000. I would like […]

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Metallic morning contrasts

Cloud Cover

The clouds have covered Sydney and the nemesis onshore winds persist. I doubt anything decent will be surfable, anywhere…so take it easy and wait for Bells to come back on. Tomorrow should be a much nicer day for the beach in Sydney. Adios :: ugios

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Perth Standlick, blowing up

Cooling Off Period

We’re in the cooling part of the cycle where the winds blow, the skies grey and everyone is back at work. How was your Easter? Amazing weather and a few decent waves to be ridden. Hope you scored over the break. The tail end of this week looks great for surfers (and beachgoers). Get some […]

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