Colour Run

We have had a fantastic run of golden light, every morning and evening this week. The weather just couldn’t get any better. It’s great to see huge crowds after work enjoying the fantastic Autumn conditions.

The surf looks smaller and fat. I wasn’t that excited about it all…

Go swim.

In August I’m heading back to Europe to shoot. I would like to know your thoughts on locations for best shots, you know, my style, beaches, clear water, fantastic colours. We up tossing up between Italy and Greece…hit reply to email us back.

:: uge

The sunrise gaze mid laps


YES! Live it.


A new angle on a very old subject for me


Ski penetration


Busiest showers in Australia


Golden silk, just as the sun rose


Bondi is not best known for it's uncrowded waves that's for sure


About face


There's a easier way to get in


12 thoughts on “Colour Run

  1. Love the colours Uge and glad you’re calling out the drop-ins, They’re out of control, it’s definitely got worse in the last few weeks. Shame them and hopefully it’ll improve!

  2. Would highly recommend the English surf scene and either Cornwall or Devon. The light, landscape and people will suit your style I think 🙂

  3. Hey Uge,
    Have you considered Bonnie Scotland?! Incredible light and colours, remote beaches, some big surf. Check out Isle of Harris and Lewis, luskentyre beach for example. Thailand used its photos in its own advertisements! The only problemo might be the temperature… its less Amalfi more Arctic! Nah really August is ok there, but baking is probably not the main sport. Looking forward to the results wherever you go!

  4. I also love the new angle Uge. Looks like a hidden secret.
    For Greece try Fiskardo, part of the Ionian Islands. You can sail there or get there by land. The beaches and water are stunning, and the town itself is a little gem. Try Emplisi Beach nearby for amazing water.

  5. Hi Eugene,
    Love your work and receiving your emails. Not that there’s surf in these places but for amazing colour, the ‘Cinque Terre’ – 5 fishing towns on the NW of Italy, you can walk between them in a day. Just gorgeous. Also Positano!
    And in Malta, there is the Blue Grotto, and some bays, but I can’t remember which towns exactly, with their brightly colored fishing boats which they put a Luzzu eye on for protection.
    Dalmatia and the Croatian islands are really specky too with clear waters that rival the Greek Islands.
    🙂 Happy travels!!

  6. for a family spot in between Greece and Italy, i recommend Valun, in Croatia. a car free seafront village, super chill… stunning food, swimming, forest walks in the shade. kids can bimble around on the quayside while you sip chilled wine in the shade… good times!

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