Digits on the nose, Bondi

Last Day of Winter

It’s pretty puuuuuurfect right now – especially for the last day of winter. Sunshine for days, winds are non-existent, water is glassy and there’s a tiny 1 footer up north for beginners, longboarders and groms. It’s a family affair today – by that I mean my whole family was out there getting their wave quotas […]

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Tom Cole, twin turbo, double the fun


Change is in the air. The sun is rising earlier, Kanye West wants to be president (*wants), Jeff Bezos is now worth 200 billion and spring is only days away. Yep days! Sunday is gonna strike a maximum 26 degrees, our first hot day since all the Rona business smothered the globe. Going to the […]

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Our city, from the west


Today we’re doing something different, instead of loitering coastal, we’ve headed INLAND! Yes, out west. It’s a glorious day outside, clear skies, clean air which made for a good flight out to Warragamba Dam and back. All before you’ve probably had breakky… Some of my observations from 1000 feet: The west was incredibly green with […]

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With a 7:44am low tide the shallow banks of mid-to-north Bondi had some curvy things to shoot this morning. There’s plenty of swell (3-4ft), but there’s not a lot of wave quality on offer – same old scenario, outer bank, huge gutter, shallow punchy shorey. Didn’t see many crew getting much at Bondi. Maybe on […]

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Inside out


There are waves, quite big ones (4-6ft) but are they rideable? Not really. I didn’t see many decent ones. Wild bucking horses everywhere I looked. Backwash blowing the backs out – the works! Offshore – si. Sunshine – plenty. Cold – very. Stoke factor – cosi cosi. Somewhere else would be good, or around here […]

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The morning spread

Wave Music

Today’s interesting. We’re due for a rapid south swell increase as the day progresses. It was only 3-4 foot at sunrise this morning, which is up on yesterday but still nowhere near the 6-8 foot peak of the swell. Will it pump? Not sure. It’s a very south direction and we don’t have fantastic banks. […]

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Beau Walker, bashing his way through the wolf pack


It was a fun morning, ducking and weaving the crowds as we all enjoyed a slight swell increase. I only got run over a few times – which is not a bad result for me. Waves are in the knee to waist high range, the sun is 10/10 and the winds are blowing offshore. Super […]

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Hop in


It’s flat az. Not often can I say it’s unsurfable. Today’s unsurfable. Nice morning, a chilly 20 knot offshore westerly has blown all the swell back out to sea. So what do you do? Wait until the next swell arrives on Sunday. Go shopping on my eBay 2nd hand lens sale. Watch “Zero Zero Zero” […]

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Beau Walker, one of Bondi's finest - he can make 1 foot look like it's pumping

Winter Magic

What a fantastic morning outside. We’re looking at another warm 21-degree day. Enjoy it as some cooler weather approaching for the weekend. The waves were OK(ish). There’s stuff for you to paddle onto, but the banks just don’t seem to want to co-operate. The odd rip-bowl has some goodness, otherwise, it was pretty straight. Drone […]

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Beau Walker, nearly took me out when he landed this one

Rip Currents

For a small beach, 900 metres to be exact, Bondi sure does get some powerful rips. You’ve seen ’em on the Bondi Rescue TV show – they’re real. The rip at 2nd ramp south Bondi has a bit on it! (makes for a good rip bowl though). Today we’ve got waves in the waist to […]

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Friendy, got a lot of wave to work with here


Everyone loves a good wedge. Nothing is more exciting than a chunk of water, standing tall, abruptly and curling over. Fantastic morning conditions, offshore winds continue and brilliant sunshine. 20 degrees today and a salubrious water temp – 18? Perhaps 19? Sunny all week long – dang! :: uge

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South Bondi's red rocks showing recent erosion


Kinda mellow finish to the week, tiny surf and colourful sunrise skies. It’s been a good week for surfers, but today suits the learners brigade – it’s tiny. A spot of rain tonight, cloudy, then days of sunshine follow. How good. The red rocks at South Bondi, after all the erosion, are super exposed at […]

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Suns out! Mad rush to the beach


THE SUN IS OUT – HIT THE BEACH! Helios the Greek sun god is being kind to us! A mighty fine morning down the beach. Yeah, it’s cold, it’s August still, but hell – a swim will bust you into a new mood – very invigorating! The water feels about 16-17 and today the mercury […]

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The pool run around, Bronte

High Hopes

I thought after a day of settling, the ocean would’ve come good. I’ve seen images on The Gram from northside that look inviting. Not much around here though… The swell still looks very wonky, buckled, random. All morning, loitering around many of the Eastern suburbs beaches, I didn’t see anybody get a good wave. It’s […]

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Not at bad office, Bondi 7am


I didn’t see a human ride a wave all morning. Not one. Bronte to Bondi – nada. Well, that’s rare. It was a kinda vanilla type morning, no light and junkie surf. Once this ocean settles from its recent agitation, hopefully, something will be on the cook. As I write this post, sunlight is creeping […]

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Lockdown Pixel Painting

The photos I took this morning were pretty horrible. I mean, any beach with a 35-knot gale and rainy skies isn’t going to look pretty. It’s the first time I had trouble riding my bicycle due to extreme winds. Let’s wait until this storm blows over…it’s crazy out there. We have all been spending a […]

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Shark Island, Sydney Harbour

Inside the Heads

It’s Friday and not the prettiest of mornings down the beach. Let’s talk about something else… There are 20 swimming beaches embedded into Sydney Harbour. More than you thought huh? Our harbour is also the deepest port in the world – all 500 gigalitres of it. Today we’re highlighting a few of my favourite haunts […]

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Bronte corner


Today’s images come from high in the sky, mostly around 1000 feet above ground level. From up there, you get a different angle on the world. It was pretty chilly up high – much colder than down here! The visibility is fantastic today, no smoke, no fog, no smog. Sydney is looking it’s best. Enjoy […]

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Feathering, Bondi

Sun Worship

The coldest part of the day is just minutes before the sun rises, I reckon. Especially when the west winds are blowing, wow, it’s frosty. This morning was particularly cold, my phone said 7 degrees at 6am, but with wind chill – perhaps 5? The sand was toe numbing. The best part of the day […]

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Grayson Hinrichs on the morning shred


A bit of crank to the bump this morning. Some fresh East swell and our beaches are lovin’ the tweak in direction. It’s head high and clean. The WFH’s (Working From Home’s) were out in full force, Sydney’s surf beaches are rammed! I’m not just talking surfing – but anything outdoors. The surf forecast for […]

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Darren Mansfield AKA Razzle Dazzle - fine tuning the peak

Amateur Hour

I’ve been swimming and shooting with my camera for over two decades – I’m still learning things, every day. Today I paddled out at dawn with a new rig, new lens and new technique to keep water off my port – ha! – well, that didn’t go as planned seeing every single shot is coated […]

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