Brock Jeffery-Warren Sky high! #sorryforgotyourname


It got real big, real quick this morning. It’s now 6-8 foot and onshore, but at sunrise there was a little window for surfers. I saw a nice right way up North before the flags opened for the day. We’re having a spectacular run of swell this week. Just need to hang until the onshores […]

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Where's Oxford Street?


It’s not really beach weather at the moment. There are 3-4 footers out front, but the howling onshore isn’t doing it any favours. It’s super messy, junkie, manky and grovelly. I’m not that motivated to surf it… Next week the weather should improve, sit tight, do some work or binge on Dirty John Netflix series […]

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Watch a tight 1 min movie from my recent trip to Tahiti

Bondi Storm

Today’s storm was giving me a bit of a hard time on my morning dawdle. The rain was intermittent, winds were howling onshore 20-30 knots. The beach was pretty empty – the surf was terrible. It will be like this for a couple of days so hang in there and be productive. If there is […]

Aquabumps Tahiti Video 2018
Grayson Hinrichs blowing up at North Bondi

Bondi Thunder

I’m back in town. How about all this swell in Sydney aye? Damn, yesterday I saw some monsters rolling into Bondi (10 footers plus plus). It’s calmed down today and surfable(ish). Wished that swell had hit Occys Left last week, I was there waiting for it and didn’t’ score anything over head high. Sumba has […]

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Let’s get high together…high above the beach for my favourite angle. My buddy PB has rolled up with the bird so we can show you these incredible beaches from the air. Water looks so blue from up there! Finally the wind has dropped a few gears and they’ve started the Volcom Pipe Pro. Pipe ain’t […]

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The North Shore of Oahu has been plagued with howling winds lately and bad weather. Kinda like a storm that just doesn’t want to leave the island. Fronts have been lashing this coast for days and everyone is a little twitchy around here. Basically there are very few surfing options with conditions like this. So…we […]

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These grey, wet, windy mornings are hard work. Trying to take a photo without getting your gear wet is a real challenge, let alone shoot something interesting. The beach was a mess and deserted. Looked like a winters day. The southerly will blow for today and tomorrow, but clean up on Wednesday. Work now play […]

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Sorry about the radio silence over the past couple of days. I’m back online now (call off the search party)…and what stunning conditions I’ve got to report. Perfect sunshine and a fresh swell with 2-3 footers. The beach is packed, schoolies have taken over, and it’s a damn fine beach day. Do it! Yep…it’s true…overnight […]

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Hope you all had a good sleep in. You missed absolutely nothing down the beach this morning. It’s the pits. A 30 knot onshore smothered any goodness…only saw a learner class in the North of Bondi…that’s about it…maybe crank the work. Keramas is pumping for the world tour stop No.5…I just wish the generator would […]

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There were waves this morning but no one seems interested in them. I struggled to find anyone surfing. Maybe this good run of swell has worn you all out? Maybe the cold weather and rainy clouds have scared everyone off. Maybe a secret spot is pumping and 100 out. Maybe it’s Monday and everyone has […]

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There’s not really any waves to speak of this morning. It’s pretty much flat. This week is looking pretty bad for surfers. Can’t see any swell at all. Good week to get on a plane outta here! The sunrise was decent. Crisp, clean air at this time of year and I ventured further north towards […]

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Salty Observations

Today has it all. This is what I saw… I went down the beach early…5:20am…couldn’t sleep in with all this warm weather. I suffer from FOMO (Fear of missing out). The first thing to catch my eye was the rubbish. Tonnes of the stuff left on the beach yesterday. Disgust. I then strolled down to […]

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Today was very similar to the other days of this week…south swell, little bit of wobble, Bondi was no good and closing out, Bronte seemed to have all the action. Small increase in swell today, head high sets for sure. It will fade and another swell will be due on Monday. A little bit warmer […]

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