The sun is back on the North Shore - Karlos taking a dip


Let’s get high together…high above the beach for my favourite angle.

My buddy PB has rolled up with the bird so we can show you these incredible beaches from the air. Water looks so blue from up there!

Finally the wind has dropped a few gears and they’ve started the Volcom Pipe Pro. Pipe ain’t working so they’ve kicked it off on the Sandbar instead. Good bank out there…

Enjoy your weekend :: u g e

Baking it up

Dronal Hawaiian

Pipeline from above, the Volcom Pro is on now


Spotlight, Rockys

Volcom Pipe Pro is on but at the Sandbar

Looking towards Rocky Point


Can you believe this is the green path that connects all the breaks?

5 thoughts on “L I F T

  1. Thanks for the heads up on the sale of photographs from drones in the US. I’m sure bombing people with drones in the US is illegal too. However, when it comes to being in a foreign land the US turns a blind eye to bombing innocent people. Therefore, since Uge is selling them via the internet in Oz, i think this law if true does not apply to him!

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