Doesn't look enticing out there that is for sure!


Hope you all had a good sleep in. You missed absolutely nothing down the beach this morning. It’s the pits. A 30 knot onshore smothered any goodness…only saw a learner class in the North of Bondi…that’s about it…maybe crank the work.

Keramas is pumping for the world tour stop No.5…I just wish the generator would stop running out of diesel so the webcast would come thru – such a good line up today for Round 4.

If you want to go to Mentawais, where it is pumping today and where some of these photos are taken…go to to book your 2014 tour.


Icebergs turn

Sunrise, well it was trying



Aerial of Bank Vaults yesterday from Paulie

3 thoughts on “S M O T H E R

  1. Hi Eugene,
    I love your photos they are amazing.
    I’m 11 and I just started to really enjoy taking pictures of the surf
    I got a go pro a few months ago and I’ve used it so much.
    Could maybe one morning I meet you at bondi to get some tips
    And we can take some photos together

    Thanks Xavier

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