Mark Matthews, wave of the day at The Cape


Weatherwise…it’s been mental. The most volatile I’ve seen. It has been impossible to predict. I think we are in the middle of a big low pressure system and you’ll never know what’s coming. Fortunately this morning we had a few hours of reprieve from the wind…and a select few paddle out at the Cape to do battle. Sets broke 8 foot plus and you’d need a ski to whip in. Mark Matthews got the wave of the day – just have a look at that first shot above…that’s a crazy beast of a wave. Dropping into ridiculous dangerous waves is not Mark’s only talent…he’s a great public speaker and for hire.

There is swell all week but who knows what is going to happen with this wind that is going to howl. Watch closely.

Adios :: uge

Unridden joy

Dom WIlls, backhand courage, in waaaay deep

A Cape Monster

Crazy thing

Sam McIntosh running the gauntlet

Unknown surfer trims the rock face in a long tube

20 thoughts on “S L A N D E R

  1. What a shoot…you’ve got a be able to convey the emotion of that rearing swell as well as capturing the commitment required to ride it…

      1. It’s no great secret Uge… lets be honest, even if they know where it is, only a select few are going to paddle out.

        1. Hi Joe, totally not a big secret… I agree. But don’t think I should draw a map to it. For those that are keen, they’ll find it with no trouble at all.

          Today there was a guy who had a death wish…think it was his first day towing…and it was BIG and evil. So people do have a crack, that probably shouldn’t. I wouldn’t…

      2. Agreed…looked and looked at it and though its just too crazy!

        The guys that do, well i dunno if its bravery, madness, adrenaline, frontal lobe damage or what it is that makes em wanna risk their nex!

        dont they know that voodoo is just back up da road and just as heavy but with some amount of safety…?

        seriously…i dunno what to think of guys that take that?

        I wunda if Laird would go?

  2. Emails didn’t come through yesterday or today… Thought the hammy must have flared! Lucky I came searching. Great shots! Crazy big barrels.

  3. Great photos & nice to see a shot of Dom. Say hi to him from me – haven’t seen him in ages.

  4. Hi Uge it was me I’m a charger from Bondi/Parsley Bay. I’m also a great bowler in the game of cricket

  5. The above comment is Ed Ryall’s idea of comedy. For the record, Ed lives in the western suburbs and rides a boogie board.

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