Lone swimmer at Icebergs, Bondi


There were waves this morning but no one seems interested in them. I struggled to find anyone surfing. Maybe this good run of swell has worn you all out? Maybe the cold weather and rainy clouds have scared everyone off. Maybe a secret spot is pumping and 100 out. Maybe it’s Monday and everyone has to go to work…

This week has swell every day, just timing is crucial with the winds. Watch closely.

People inspire me every day, but this amazing lady, Pascale, will definitely cheer you up and make you feel lucky for what you have. Watch

:: u g e

How about that Bronte Reef nugget

Marine House, Bronte

Nice chunky righthander at Bondi 8am

Nice clean conditions this morning at Bondi

Looks like the boys are enjoying the Mentawais (and the heli!) Photo Paul Borrud

2 thoughts on “A B A N D O N E D

  1. Now that brings a smile – the boys in Mentawai are snorkelling and Bronte Reef is going off!
    Sydney winter waves rock!
    Even with the wind chop…

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