Azza Graham, only one out, slabby left


The good news is that for the next 7 days there is going to be plenty of swell. That’s pretty typical for this time of year in Sydney.

The trick is finding breaks that can handle the size and out of the wind. Bondi was wobbling around the place…the odd right out the back. Nothing special.

The other good news is that today’s the shortest day of the year meaning we’ve turned a corner and heading back in Summer – well kinda.

Heavy rain due Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Rug up.

Cheers, Uge

Hey lil' birdie

Some where is going off today

Bondi sets, early

King Brown and Tiara, Wal must of been here last night

Brownie searching for cover, Bondi 7:30am

Submerged Polar Bear at Icebergs

Bomb Raid

Mouth wide open

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